Top 10 Best Engineering Schools in the US 2012

When looking at the different options available for secondary education, and then further into doctorate studies, it is important to choose the school which is going to help you with your career goals. For anyone who is thinking about making their mark as the world’s next brightest engineer, it becomes even more important to choose that right school. Going to school is hard enough, but add in the added stress of not getting the education you need can derail any further career choices. Here is a list of the top 10 best engineering schools in the US to help narrow down that search.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Located in the heart of the action in Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is the world’s premier engineering school. Students throughout the world dream of their opportunity to walk along these hallowed halls and become world leaders in engineering. With a $40,000 a year tuition, the education is second to none. Because of this MIT can attract the best and most brilliant minds to instruct the minds of tomorrow.

2. Stanford University

From one coast to the other, engineering schools can be a dime a dozen. But, when it comes to the top tier of engineering schools in the country, each coast can boast at least one. Located in the sunny state of California, Stanford has a little higher tuition than MIT, but also carries more students. Each year the two vie for the top spot, and each year they get closer and closer to each other despite the miles in between.

3. University of California, Berkley

In its regal and majestic look, the University of California at Berkeley is always that top of the conversation when it comes to education, especially in engineering. Voted ‘Best Public College’, Berkeley is home to the Kresge Engineering Library, which catalogs thousands of engineering documents and industry journals. In addition there are over 30 engineering related research centers within its campus. A great place for anyone to go to school, it has a great affinity for engineers.

4. Georgia Institute of Technology

This wonderful school, nestled in the mountains of Georgia, is home to many top engineers. With over 4,000 students, and an in-state tuition of $10,000 per year, it is also very attractive for many within the state borders. The school does boast several different engineering departments that rivals that of Stanford and MIT. If not in test scores, at least in aggressively pursuing excellence.

5. Cornell University

There is just something regal, and royal, about the east coast universities. Each time you see a picture of these grand brick buildings you get a sense of prestige, honor, and valued tradition. And that would all give you a picture of Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. This grand estate of education has always been a world leader in producing graduates who are not only passionate about traditions, but pursuing excellence in their chosen field. The engineering department is ranked as one of the best in the world. In 2009 alone, the engineering department students were issued over 77 patents for their creations and innovations.

6. Purdue University

Located within the state of Indiana, Purdue University is not only a basketball powerhouse, but a place of excellent higher education. The school boasts 12 different engineering disciplines with a heavy influence in Nuclear and Civil Engineering. Many people love the contemporary looks of the campus, but it is what goes on inside the classroom which makes Purdue University one of the tops in the country.

7. California Institute of Technology

This 124 acre campus located in Pasadena, California is a marvel to behold. They currently offer 8 different engineering schools, but have a high degree of concentration in its Aerospace and Chemical engineering. Over 98% of the graduate students which attend are offered a merit-based financial assistance which pays for their tuition and gives each student a monthly stipend.

8. University of Michigan

A school with a devoted following, the University of Michigan is more than just about football and basketball. They house 18 different engineering schools alone. However, that alone does not show their commitment to helping their students achieve a great educational experience. The University of Michigan is also one of two schools in the country that have top-rated engineering, business and medical schools.

9. Princeton University

In the field of engineering, it seems that the Ivy League schools have something figured out. They continued to rank high in every category, especially in the engineering world. However, Princeton University is the hardest out of any university to attend. Their acceptance rate is among the lowest in the country and 50% of new enrollments are out of country students. But, if you can get accepted, you will receive an education that is really second to none.

10. Duke University

Duke University has had a long standing tradition of being one of the top schools in the medical field. However, recently many improvements have been made that give its engineering school a tremendous boost. Now with four different engineering schools on campus, Duke continues to strive towards being a world leader in innovation. This still continues in the medical field as they lead the world in Medical Engineering students.

Engineering school is tough. It makes it even tougher when the top schools demand such a commitment to excellence. But, that commitment they demand from their students they also demand from themselves. While you are free to choose any school which you desire to attend, if you are dreaming of a career in engineering you may want to consider one of these top 10 engineering schools in the US.


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