Top 10 Best and Most Successful Mathematicians

Mathematics is the study of accurate and right calculations based statistics. The world has seen the rise and fall of many mathematicians, although, for the following section of write up, I have taken a considerate view of the mathematicians, who have changed the beauty, life and persona of human beings through Math. Have a look for the best mathematicians of all time :-

10.) Archimedes

The famous Greek mathematician and the inventor of famous dialogue “Eureka Eureka” which he  ran shouting naked after he discovered one of the best formulation in the history of math and physics while taking a bath. His reigning time was 287-212 BC. The first person to give the accurate measure of PIE . He used the method of exhaustion and other  concepts to formulate the others. He gave the famous principle of buoyancy  which is known as Archimedes Principle.


9.) Leonardo Pisano Blgollo

Also known as Fibonacci, he was the man who gave the famous Fibonacci series to the world. In fact Fibonacci series is the consecutive sum of the last two numbers as being formed in consecution count. He is known to the father of Arabic Number System and his time of reign is 1170-1250 AD


8.) Rene Descartes

Rene Descartes, the famous man from France and one of the best philosopher of his time. He is known to the world for his famous discovery of “Cogito Ergo Sum”. He is stated to be the father of modern calculus along with Newton. It is also in rumors that in fact he was the father of Calculus for which the credit goes to Newton. His time of reign in maths was from 1596-1650. He is also the father of Graph also known as Cartesian Geometry to many. His discoveries changed the entire mathematics and distance calculations. He is also the man behind the pioneering the powers to the variables in Algebra. He is considered the 8th best mathematician of all time.


7.) Pythagoras

Stated to be the first mathematician of the universe, he is  famous for his notable discovery of theorem in Geometry solving the relation between Base, Hypotenuse and Perpendicular height. He formulated the theorem one the basis of practical application that he performed based on height and distance with the angle made between the two. His theorem is the key to the invention and the foundation of almost all structures with accuracy. One of the most important theorem evaluation makes Pythagoras the 7th best  mathematician of all time.


6.) Riemann, Bernhard

Born on 1826 Riemann belonged to a poverty struck family. Not being enough capable to provide education to his children, his father left them all alone. He is the one to give the concept of Riemannian geometry to the world, which is the base to many new developing concepts of the modern mathematics. He dis considerable work on prime numbers as well and he was the father to the Riemann Integrals as well in the field of Integral Calculus.


5.) Sir Isaac Newton

The man who gave the burning theories and theorems to the nation is Isaac Newton. One of the best physicist, philosopher, chemist, physician and a class mathematician of all time. He formulated the famous laws of motion to which all the events of nature is related in universe. He invented calculus and has the specific place in the list of mathematician. Undoubtedly one of the best mathematician of the world is Sir Issac Newton. His reign of work was in 1642 to 1727. However there are many other rumors of fake reports about Newton but at the present, he is the best in the world.


4.) Aryabhatta

The Indian man hailing from Patliputra (Now Patna, Bihar, India) is the 4th best mathematician of all time. The world would have never known the importance of zero in the mathematics if he never had discovered it. He is the inventor of zero in mathematics. He was also famous for his astronomical activities to give exact locations and circulations of planetary movements based on his mathematical applications and formulas. He is undoubtedly the  best in the world.


3.) Euclid

Euclid was the man from the ancient civilization around 300 BC who is known as the father of geometry to the world. He was the first to give the logical, theoretical as well as fundamental practical proof to all his theorems and formulations. He is the 3rd best mathematician of world.


2.) Euler, Leonhard

Reigning in time period of 1707 to 1783, He is the notable and respected mathematician of the world. He is the man who discovered trigonometric identities, the exact approximation of “e” in the natural logarithm. Known to be the inventor of Sigma (Summation) and Iota (i) a sign for imaginary formulation in complex numbers. The inventor of notation of pie to the exact value to calculate the area and circumference of circular objects. He is the only inventor to have so many credits in his account. Taking a considerable notes on number theory, graphical system and analysis of theories are the other significant works in his accounts. He is the 2nd most famous and best mathematician of the world.


1.) Carl Friedrich Gauss

Carl is undoubtedly the best and most significant mathematician of all time in the universe. The only legend to have proved the theorems of algebra, physical identities and the man who introduced the Gaussian plane and the theory of Gaussian gravity constant. His extra ordinary writings of physics regarding mathematics is awesome, which is revolutionary in the field of study of mathematics and physics.He did his graduation from Collegium Carolinum, one of the best universities in the world of present era. He is  considered to be the best in the world. Although, he  lived only for 77 years but he gave the world so many propagating and burning theorems in mathematics.

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