Top 10 Reasons to Hate Your Job

If you have a job that is not at all your dream job, and if you take up that job for the sole purpose of getting a regular income, then there might be chances to hate it a lot. It is a fact that most people get jobs which do not suite their tastes and talents. This can make them hate the job and do the daily tasks without any kind of interest at all. Let us simply check out the top reasons why most people tend to hate their job a lot.

10. Job that does not suit a person’s taste

If a person is not finding his/her job matching his/her taste, then there are a lot of probabilities to hate the job a lot. Taking a job for the mere purpose of earning an income can cause a kind of dullness in the person whenever starting a day in the workplace.

9. Low pay

Owning a job which gives you a low pay will make you gain a dislike towards the job. The thought of working for earning a small income will create frustration in your mind all the time.

8. Heavy work load

Even if you are paid well, when you are given a lot of burden to carry, you will definitely tend to lose interest in the job and would always plan to quit the job for another one. Heavy work load can put a lot of strain to the mind and make you feel dull all the time.

7. Irritating boss

Do you have a boss who is always irritating you with negative comments and never even care to appreciate you for all the hard work you have done, then this can be one of the reasons for hating your job.

6. Lesser chances of promotion

Working for a job which does not promise you any kind of promotion, can become one of the reasons for hating your well paid job.

5. Poor management

If the company you work for, does not care for the feelings of its employees, and always tends to criticize their work, then there are chances for the employees to hate their jobs and remain dissatisfied.

4. Dull working atmosphere

A good working atmosphere is a great boost for any work. A working place is where you spend your whole day in, and you spend more time in your office than your home. If offices do not have that pleasant atmosphere and the right kind of facilities for its employees, then people tend to hate their jobs.


3. Insecurity

Job insecurity is yet another factor that can lead to your hatred towards your job. If you feel like losing your job at any time, you tend to lose your interest in your work and you lack concentration too.

2. Hostile colleagues

A whole working day is spent with the people in your office. Pleasant and happy faces make you feel happy and encouraged all the time. But if you feel that your colleagues are not friendly and they talk behind your back, then you automatically lose your interest in your job.

1. Lesser chances of growth

Do you feel that you do not have any kind of encouragement provided by your company? Do you feel that your skills are not polished or trained the right manner by the employer? It is a known fact that any skill needs polishing once in a while. Workshops held once in a year or training camps for the employees can help employees develop self confidence and develop their talents more. If your company does not think of polishing the skills of the employees, then it is quite natural for the employees to fell a kind of hatred towards their job.

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