Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs in the World

Stress..!! Everyone experiences in his/her working life, and almost everyone thinks that the job he/she is doing is most stressful. Stress can be defined as the heaviness one feels as a comeback of many situations and working conditions, it can real or imaginary. The stress felt due to some jobs is totally different to that of biological stress and is sensed again and again. Stress at workplace can be a dangerous issue, as researches prove that the stress due to workload can add to the probability of stroke by about 1.4 times. Such Stress can be lowered down with the help of meditation as it edify us to control and normalize our emotions and opinions, so that one can easily face up to the challenges. There are many aspects who determine the stress related to that particular profession such as environmental conditions, physical demands, own life at risk, growth prospective, life of another person in danger, competitiveness, hazards to be encountered and many more. On the basis of such factors we can list top 10 most stressful professions in 2012, based on recent situations.

10). Taxi Driver

Job of taxi driver is one among the most stressful job, as he has to plot a route through the city area, sometimes the area outside the commune, and has to locate the places nearby or far away to drop off or to pick up the passengers according to their need. Taxi Drivers are required to work for long hours to earn nominal pay and are the number one target for any offense or misdeed. Job of taxi driver is a little lonesome and the work of facing traffic, blaming passengers, maintaining safety of the travelers, recklessness, and noise can make it stressful.

9). Photojournalist

The job of photojournalist can be described as capturing the stories behind the lens of camera. Photojournalists are the one because of whom we get the substantiation of the stories and are aware of the truth. Many a times they are the frontier of the risky conditions in order to get a hold to the story, like combat zone and fires, etc. The works making their job full of stress are probable technical malfunctions, stiff deadlines and the dangers in the field. They are the one who break stories in front of common man. Other reasons making the job stressful are, he has to see every aspect certain or uncertain, for the reason that they need to be there at every situation such as fires, red carpet, battlefields and other such events.

8). Public Relation Officer

Public Relation Officers are the people in charge of making and keeping up an optimistic image with the community for government agencies, non-profits and companies. They are basically responsible for verbal communication and giving presentations, many a times in front of huge gathering. The field is very competitive in nature which is highly in evidence, has stretched deadlines and keeps the high stress level. In some cases the public relation officer has to talk to potentially intimidating persons of the media, mainly after any tragedy.

7). Corporate Executive

People think the work of a Corporate Executive is to sit in air conditioned room and enjoy all the services of peons, and they are the suited booted kind of people, but the reality is they are rich but don’t have time to relax, because they have a lot of stress like the necessities of investors, members of staff, financial condition of the organization and many other issues related to organization. They must no everything going on in their company and issues related to each and every department of the company. They are the one who have to make decisions regarding company, considering across the board effects of the result.

6). Event Coordinator

The job of an event coordinator is to manage and plan the activities, basic requirements related to the event he or she is coordinating and managing. They are the one, who conduct various events throughout year over many places, and some of the events they organize are very special for the people who hire them to coordinate it, therefore people have high expectations with them and want them to work according to their wish. Working according to other person’s wish and requirement is really a stressful job. Basically they organize the events such as marriage parties, anniversaries, poojas and many such events. They have to cope up with hundreds of workers in various jobs like cooks, decorators, flower suppliers and many more. Their chances of getting promoted are totally in hands of the customer they serve and how much they satisfy the needs of the customers.

5). Police Officer

Population is increasing like the fire in the forest and so are the crime rates, people need security as no one is safe in present time and police department is the one who can handle such issues and control the crime rate. The crimes common people are getting indulged in include murders, rape, dacoit, robbery, theft, blackmailing and many more. The work of managing the security issues and investigating such dangerous offences is really stressful. They also work on the issues such as crime preclusion measures and education related subjects. Sometimes they and their families are the main target of the criminals, such a risk can easily explain how much stressful job they have.

4). Military General

Common people consider a military general as a person wearing uniform with medals, but in reality they are the real evaluator of the entire army. He is the highest grading leader in their respective subdivision of the air force. The nature of their work is really dangerous and risky, they sometimes have to decide one among their own life and death, and life of the troops, sometimes a single wrong decision made by the military general can take life of hundreds of soldiers; such issues can easily determine the risk level of their job.

3). Firefighter

Firefighter are the people who save others life putting themselves in danger. Many people die due to bomb blast, fire in factories and buildings and firefighter are the people who save them, risking their own life. They are the one who make decision of their life and death, which is undoubtedly one among the most stressful job one can have.

2). Airlines Pilot

The job of commercial pilots is highly stressful as with the guarantee of the security of life of passengers, they have to run their flights on time even when there is disturbance due to rough weather. Maintaining the timings of flight irrespective of the climatic conditions, assurance of the safety of the passengers are some of the issues which make the life of the airline pilot stressful. Sometimes they don’t even gat time to have a break.

1). Soldier

Everyone thinks to work for the country, but no one has the heart to dedicate his/her life for the country and the citizens of country like a soldier do. The job of a soldier is the bigheaded job, and is risky too. The biggest risk in job of soldier is risk of life. A soldier has various duties, he has to perform a number of tasks such as sometimes he has to serve food, fight as a frontier ignoring the dangers. They are the person who spend almost half of their life away from their family and have a big risk of life. Hence the job of soldier is considered to be the most stressful job.

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