Top 10 Highest Coffee Producing Countries in the World

Coffee is something which is consumed all over the world because of its unique taste and excellent aroma. There are millions of people throughout the world who are very much addicted to this beverage. It is reported that coffee is the largest commodity; only oil comes before it in the whole world.  Coffee contains a fair amount of caffeine in it due to which it is advised not to consume coffee on a very large scale daily as it has bad health effects. Coffee is used from ancient times and it is produced in almost every part of the world. There are various varieties of coffee that are available in the market today. Coffee is produces from seeds of coffee plant. Here is the list of top 10 coffee producing countries in the world.

10. Honduras

Honduras is a country which plants coffee from very beginning. Earlier due to poor economy of the country, it was not possible for them to export coffee anywhere. Due to this all the coffee that was produced in Honduras was consumed domestically. Today Honduras is the largest producer of coffee from United States. Honduras economy is very much dependent on its coffee plantation and a large amount of its population is involved in this business. Coffee produced in Honduras is famous worldwide. The climate and other conditions that are required for the coffee to be produced are perfect here.

9. Mexico

Mexico lies at the number ninth spot in largest coffee producing countries in the world. Mostly the Arabica variety of coffee is produce in Mexico. Over the years Mexico has become one of the largest exporters of coffee in United States. Coastal areas in Mexico are the one where these coffees are produced. It is said that coffee came into Mexico from Antilles in the end of the 18th century. And from then on coffee is the most important crop that is grown there. Southern region of the country is mostly indulged in plantation of coffee.

8. Guatemala

Guatemala is said to be the place which produces some of the best coffee in the whole world. Coban and Antigua are the famous variety of coffee that is produced in Guatemala. It was Guatemala that was the largest producer of coffee in United States until 2010. It’s now over taken by the Honduras. The temperature and the climatic condition that are well suitable for growing coffee is the main reason why this country produces such a large and fine quantity of coffee.

7. Peru

Peru is another American country that produces coffee. Peru is famous throughout the world for well specialized organic coffee that is grown here. Coffee industry of Peru is the largest source of employment there. In South America, Peru is considered as to be the third largest exporter of coffee. Arabica is the variety of coffee that is mostly grown in Peru. Coffee is produced in almost every part of Peru. A handsome amount of country’s revenue in Peru is collected from the export of coffee to the whole world. There are many small sized coffee plantations throughout Peru.

6. Ethiopia

Ethiopia is said to be the place from where the Arabica variety of coffee became famous worldwide. It is believed that coffee was planted as early as in 9th century in Ethiopia. Many tribal community of Ethiopia are involved in the plantation of coffee. Around 25% population of Ethiopia is involved in the production of coffee. Ethiopia is the largest producer of coffee in whole Africa continent. Out of all the coffee that is grown here, nearly half of it is consumed domestically only. Rest is exported throughout the world. Many different variety of coffee is grown in Ethiopia.

5. India

South Indian states such as Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Kerala are responsible for the production of coffee in the country. Alone Karnataka is the state that produces 53% of all coffee that is produced in India. Coffees that are produced in the country are famous for its unique style in which they are grown. Here coffee is grown in shade instead of grown in the sunlight. Domestically coffee is not used on a large scale and around 80% of the total production is exported to other countries throughout the world. Many types of coffee such as Robusta, Arabica and others are grown in the country. India is one of the oldest countries in whole world where coffee is planted from very beginning.

4. Colombia

Colombia is now at the fourth place on the list that defines top 10 coffee producing countries in whole world. Colombia produces some of the best quality of coffee. Coffees that are produced in Colombia are very mild and have perfect flavor. The quality of the coffee beans that are grown here in Colombia is unmatchable throughout the world. Although coffee is produced in Colombia from early 18th century but it started to export only later in the 19th century. If you are a coffee lover then you must try Colombian coffee.

3. Indonesia

The third largest producer of coffee is none other than Indonesia. Coffee is grown in Indonesia from the time when Indonesia was under the colonial rule. Since then coffee is grown in this country. Canephor and Arabica are the different variety of coffee that is grown in Indonesia. Arabica coffee which I produced in Indonesia is one of the finest qualities of the coffee that is available throughout the world. A large amount of population of Indonesia is indulged in the plantation and production of coffee. Like India, Indonesia is one such nation in which coffee is planted from very beginning.

2. Vietnam

Vietnam is at rank second in our list of top 10 countries that produces coffee. French people started the production of coffee in Vietnam and from then it has continued to grow coffee. Today a large section of people in Vietnam is involved in coffee production. Over the recent years, Vietnam has increased its coffee production and that is why it has replaced Colombia and Indonesia to gain the second spot. Vietnam has a market share of 14.3% in the production of coffee in whole world. Robusta coffee is mainly grown in Vietnam.

1. Brazil

Brazil is the leading producer of coffee worldwide. One third of the total coffee is produced alone by this country. Arabica is the variety that is mostly grown in Brazil. After that it is Robusta coffee that is grown here. Coffees that are produced in Brazil are normally dry processed. There are many coffee brands of Brazil that are known all over the world for the best quality of coffee that they provide. Directly or indirectly a significant amount of Brazilian population is involved in the production of coffee. Due to its mineral rich soil and suitable weather condition, it produces such a large amount of coffee. Brazil has dominated this first position from a very long time.

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