Top 10 Best MBA Colleges in the World

What is it that makes a man actually a human, what is it with which you can conquer the world without shedding a drop of blood and fighting, what is it that would never end even if you share it with millions and what is it for which God has sent us into the world. There is only one answer to all these and many other questions; Knowledge and Education. It is the education which transforms a man into a human, it is your knowledge which you can conquer the world, it is your knowledge which will never end and it is education for which we were sent to the Earth.

It doesn’t matter if you study doctorate, engineering, architecture, arts, culture, ethics or economics; what matters is that you must learn, you must achieve, you must study, you must discover and you must create a difference in this world through your existence. When thousands of people start working for each other, they make a civilization. Our world will be doomed if we have all the engineers but no doctors or if we have too many architects to built things and have no one to build your faiths. Everything should be in balance, everything should be arranged and managed; for that we need managers who could watch and arrange things. We need MBAs.

There are many universities and colleges who pass out thousands of MBA students every year but not everyone is worth service because there are people who only believe in getting a degree and do not care for talent. They get jobs but they do not know how to works, they make mistakes and others have to suffer because of him/her. It is essential that you get your degree from a good college/university; an institute which will not only provide you with a diploma but also with wisdom. The top ten colleges for MBA in the world are:


International school for management development, IMD is one of the leading institutes of the world which provide an MBA degree. IMD doesn’t only provide a degree but it also anticipates its student for the complication and predicaments which they will come across in the harsh and brutal business world. The environment at IMD is equivalent to any of prestigious multinational companies out there. IMD admits its student from all over the world. If you do your MBA from IMD, you will be offered the highest pay in the world as IMD has its own caliber and its student are given esteem and adoration all over the world.


INSEAD is the most multicultural institute in the world; students of different nationalities and cultures are invited at INSEAD to practice. INSEAD has three seasoned branches, each in France, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. The 10 month MBA program at INSEAD is what you need if you want to make your own place in the world of management and business. INSEAD is one of the prominent, renowned, reputable and distinguished academies in world. One year comprehended study at INSEAD makes the young people fully mature, responsible; the academy bestows its student with a solid foundation of Management.


HKUST business school is an essential element of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, which provides the best MBA program and which facilitates its students with a complete professional environment. The research department at HKUST is the one most advanced research centre of the world. The university offers a 12 months program as well as a 16 months program; the institute offers an exchange program too with one of its partner outside china.


IE business school at Madrid, Spain offers a 12-15 months MBA program in English as well as in Spanish. IE enables its students to put their thoughts and ideas into word and present them in front of the world with full confidence. IE has an exchange program for its students with 53 international universities; the university has seats for the candidates from more than 80 countries. IE accommodates it students with a platform to comprehend themselves.


China Europe International Business School is the association of Chinese and Western culture, CEIBS provided the best MBA program in the continent of Asia. The main campus of the university is in Shanghai but it has branches in Shenzhen and Beijing. CEIBS offers an MBA program of 18 months; during this period the institute alters and improves your attitude towards the professional world and help you metamorphose into a mature person from an amateur.


Colombia business school is one of the best business schools of not only America but is also among the top business school of the world. Colombia accommodates an MBA program which is of duration 20 months; MBA at Colombia sharpens you skills and assists you in recognizing and comprehending the opportunities and helps you in sustaining the connections which you desperately need in the business world. Colombia business school not only prepares you on a local level but also on a global level.


Wharton business school is the department of management and business study at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Situated in USA, Wharton business school is one of the most elderly business School in the world; Wharton’s history is bestowed with intelligence, creativity, brains, intellects and perception. The institute offers a 22 months MBA program; the students who get enrolled at Wharton today are the people who will be manipulating the world tomorrow. Wharton trains the student who will become the leaders of tomorrow business world. The quality of Wharton is simply beyond compare, this is the reason that this business school is considered as the best business school.


Established in 1964, London Business School situated at the central London is one of the prestigious and renowned management institutes in the world. The MBA program at London business school is of duration 15-21 months. It is the best business school in the continent of Europe. London business school has seats for candidates from approximately 130 countries. The school emphasizes on building the mind structure and prepares them so that they may become able to collaborate with the global merchandise of finance and marketing.


Harvard is the oldest business school in the World; its foundation was laid in 1908 over a century ago. Harvard is not just a school but it has an entire world within itself, it entertains and accommodates its students with all kind of activities; Harvard is not just a business school, it revolutionizes, revamps and reconstructs a person’s ideas. If you think you are capable of bringing a revolution, then Harvard is your place.


The Stanford graduate school of business or the GBS, founded in 1925 is ranked as the best business school in the world. MBA at Stanford is two year program in which the skills of the students are polished and they are transformed into a jewel. Stanford accepts only a selected number of candidates. Stanford is not just a school or an institute but it’s a legend and history, Stanford is a dream for every student studying business and management.


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