Top 10 Best and Biggest Software Companies of India

Information Technology or IT refers to the use of software and information to manage information. Some companies call it as Management Information Service as well as Information Service. The department of Information Technology is responsible for processing information, protecting information, transmitting the information and for retrieving information. so lets ponder upon the list of the best and most popular software companies in India.

 10. L&T Infotech


The one name which is being counted in IT industry is L&T InfoTech. AM Naik is the chairman of Larsen & Turbo. It is a construction, engineering and manufacturing multinational. It is a solution of many it problems. It covers the annual revenue of around 29,600 crores .

9. MphasiS

 The company was formed in June 2000 and was being profited by 42 per cent from Rs. 180 crore.It was established after US-based IT company and Indian IT service company were combined. It is counted as one among the best companies for Global Outsourcing. It has the staff strength of about 27,000 people and is headed by Jeya Kumar as the CEO of the company.

8. i-flex Solutions

The company iFlex is headed by Rajesh Hukku. The formation of company was the consequence of the splitting up of Citicorp named as Citicorp Overseas software Ltd and was formed in 1991 as CITIL(Citicorp Information Technologies Industries Ltd.) .Universal Banking product was started by this company itself To enhance its improving independence and also to reinforce its Flexcube brand ,the company changed its name to i-Flex. Microbanker came out to be very successful. The company became major subsidiary of Oracle Corporation. The income of company for a quarter was Rs. 185 crore which represented the growth of QoQ by 73 per cent.

7. Patni Computer Systems

One of the heading companies for information technology facilities and management solution is Patni Computer Systems. The company has extended its branches and has clients in many countries like America, Asia-Pacific and Europe areas. The company was established in1978.Narendra K Patni has headed the company with 14,000 employees. The company was a private company initially and was converted into the public enterprise later. At an average of around 1000 companies are being served by Patni Computers. It has an over- all turn-over of around 18.1 million and the company was ranked at first position by Frost &Sullivan as Engineering Service Providers.

6. Tech Mahindra

The combined effort of Mahindra and BT and Mahindra formed Tech Mahindra in 1986. It came under the name of ‘Mahindra-British Telecom ‘and was later named as Tech Mahindra. The company’s consultancy firms focused on the communication industries. The average profit earned by the company is Rs. 196.4 crore on an average sale of around Rs.911.6 crore.

5. HCL Technologies

In India HCL Technologies and HCL Info systems are the two leading companies by HCL Enterprise and was established in 1976.The annual revenues of the of the company is $4.9 billion. The branches of HCL are spread through 18 countries and are working with around 53,000 professionals. With just 250 computers the company was managed quiet well by Shiv Nadar. The average revenue of the company is Rs 3017.5 crore and also earned the profit of about Rs. 81.5 crore

4. Satyam Computer Services

This company come at  fourth in the list of  software companies and was established in 1987 and was headed by Rmalinga Raju. The company is accommodating around 51,000 employees and has earned the revenue of more than 2-billion.The company came up management which created value and focused on customer. A growth of around 30.7 per cent and had a turn-over of about 8,473.49 crore. In American Society For Training and Development it has been ranked the best award.

3. Infosys

The company is headed by N R Narayana .It had started in 1981 with now is boosting with 94,379 employees and the income of $4 billion. Kris Gopalkrishnan is heading the company with net profit of around Rs 1,302 crore. IT has been named in the list of finest outsourcing companies and also as global high performance in Forbes. It has also been graced with banker technology award for having capital market in two categories that are treasury  services, outsourcing and  payments and also for working in wholesale .

2. Wipro

Wipro is a software company with the turnover of about $5 billion. Its income grows by 33 per cent .The company was started by Premji and it has at an average of around 72,000 employees. This company is counted as one among the top companies for global outsourcing. Azim Premji is the chairman of Wipro. Wipro had won the software best practice award by IIST. It is generating a large amount of capital in the field of BPO, R&D, IT. It has established its service centres in around 50 countries.

1. Tata Consultancy Services

TCS is one among the largest IT companies in India also its name has been counted in the largest corporate houses of India. It was founded in 1968 with a few of workers but now it is among the India’s best companies with the leading score of 111,000 workers .The company started with the name Tata Computer house. It used to provide computer services to different group of companies and with that the company raised its potential and turned into an IT company. The company is headed by its managing director and chief executive, S.Ramadorai.  In June 2008 the company almost headed with the increase of 7.3per cent and before this its turn -around was about Rs 1,290.61 crores .It earns around $5.7 each year



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