10 Cheap Countries to Outsource Your Work

Over the years outsourcing has become one of the most essential needs for the companies that operate in different parts of the world. Every company wants to get its work done at a very cheap price and for that they travel to that particular country anywhere in the world where their work can be done at a low price so that they can gain a large profit. Today outsourcing is the most common work for the industries that have only one goal and that is maximize their profit. Mostly it is the IT sector that is much into outsourcing as their work can be done from anywhere around the globe. So here we have the list of top ten countries that are suitable and have good environment for outsourcing your work.

10. Thailand

Our list with the number tenth spot starts with Thailand. Thailand has always been considered as the best place to spend your vacations but with the boom in its Information Technology sector, it has now become a major country where the corporates move to outsource their work. 5.9 is the current outsourcing index of Thailand which is quite good. With the enormous support from the government this business is only going to get bigger in the years that will be followed. Various policies have been started by the government to strengthen their position in the world’s market.

9. Lithuania

Lithuania is at the number ninth spot in our list. This small country has over the years evolved very much so as to become one of the best places in the world to get your work outsourced and get a huge profit in return. With the outsourcing index of 5.9, Lithuania is one of the best destinations for outsourcing of various works being carried out by the IT sector. Information technology sector of Lithuania is measured as to be of 60 million US dollars which is quite large for a country which is still developing in this field. As many as 45000 people have been benefited by the outsourcing work which this country has done over the years.

8. Malaysia

Malaysia is one of those Southeast Asian countries which are a perfect place for the outsourcing of the work. This country has the outsourcing index of 5.8 which is quite good keeping in account of the tremendous competition which has started in this sector. With the much needed change in the policies which have been carried out the Malaysian government, now Malaysia attracts huge number of corporate to outsource their work there. There has been a sudden boom in the Information Sector industry of this country which is the main reason why Malaysia is preferred by many companies who are looking for the outsourcing of their work.

7. Philippines

Philippines are at the number seventh spot in our list. This country has an outsourcing index of 6.3. This is one of the best places for the companies to get their work outsourced. With the huge support from the Philippines government, this industry is booming and in the year to follow it will only increase. It is just a matter of few years that this country has expanded its hold in the world’s market with a talented bunch of policy makers.

6. Bulgaria

This European country is one of the best places if you are looking for the outsourcing of the works and have huge profit in mind. The current outsourcing index of this European country is 6.4 and this is one of most preferred outsourcing destination outside Asia. It is in fact the first European country that have managed to find a place into the list of the top ten countries that are best for outsourcing of your work. This country is also known as the Soviet Silicon Valley and has a great future for the growth of Information Technology sector.

5. Estonia

With the outsourcing index of 6.6, Estonia is at the number fifth spot in our list of the best country to outsource your work. The market value of the industry here in Estonia is measured to be 130 million US dollars and as many as 2800 people have got employment due to this. There are more than 100 countries today that outsource their work to Estonia keeping high profit margin in mind. Each year the IT sector of Estonia is expanding and it is a good sign for the country.

4. Singapore

The number fourth spot is for Singapore who is one of the major players in the countries that provide better market for the companies to outsource their work and get it done at low prices. The outsourcing index of Singapore is 6.5. The IT sector of Singapore is expanding with a very fast rate and so is their share in world’s outsourcing projects.  Today many companies have opened their branches in Singapore because of the perfect business opportunity that this country provides.

3. China

China is another country in our list of the top countries where you can outsource your work. China has the Outsourcing Index as 6.4. It has been twenty years since China got into business relations with the major corporate house and with its large population which has a huge number of highly talented people it has been one of the best places for the companies to outsource their work. Many business houses have opened their branches in China only keeping in the view of the profit that they can make with the help of the huge outsourcing that takes place there in China. Annually the Chinese outsourcing industry is growing with a rate of thirty percent.

2. Indonesia

Indonesia finds second place in our list of the countries that are suitable for outsourcing the work. Having 6.7 as the Outsourcing Index, Indonesia is one of the favorite destinations of the companies that outsource their work looking for better margin of profit. Over the years the IT sector of Indonesia has developed with a very fast rate and that is the reason why Indonesia finds a place in our list. The Indonesian Government has also taken certain good steps to increase this industry in their country. They have made the policies easy for the companies which are an inviting step from the government to do business in Indonesia.

1. India

Many organizations which have conducted various surveys to find out the best country to outsource your work have given the number one spot to India and so in our list too the number one slot is for this South Asian Country. Over the years India has become one of the favorite destinations for the companies who outsource their work in order to gain high profits. The various IT companies and BPO’s have made India one of the best places for the companies. In India this business is of approximately 47 billion US dollars. Many European and American countries visit this South Asian country to get their work outsourced. The outsourcing Index of India is 7.1 and is largest among all the countries in the world.


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