Top 10 Tips on Decorating a Small Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most amusing places to decorate in your house. Everyone dreams of a great looking kitchen like those in magazines or those that may be seen in the television. However, not everyone is blessed with a big space to work with. Don’t fret because even if your kitchen is small, you can still make it very beautiful with these decorating tips.

(10) Maximize Cupboards

If you have cupboards, then maximize the use of it. If you don’t, then it’s time to install some. It’s very easy and inexpensive. This will give your small kitchen the extra storage space it needs in order to avoid unnecessary clutter.

(9) Store Utensils You Don’t Need

Your kitchen utensils, baking apparel, expensive china and everything else are things you want to brag about but not in your small kitchen. It simply isn’t a space for display. As much as possible, make sure you keep those things that you don’t need.

(8) Utilize Drawers

You can place dividers on drawers to ensure that you are able to utilize them properly. This is a smart saving space idea. Simple pieces of wood can serve as dividers already.

(7) Open Spaces

Don’t keep your kitchen closed down. If you have windows, open them up. If you must hang curtains, choose those that let a little light come in. If you don’t have any windows, then schedule a carpenter to place one. Letting some sunshine in will definitely make it look bigger.

(6) Use Glass

Using glass will visually expand a space. If possible, change the doors of your cupboards from wood to glass. Same is true with the tables and surfaces.

Small Kitchen Design

(5) Fluorescent Lighting

Make your small kitchen even more appealing with great lighting. Fluorescent lighting can be seen in many restaurants and food establishments because it enhances the appetite. In addition to this, it makes food look better. Consider this for your kitchen as well. You can add several small bulbs or one big source of lighting.

(4) Mini Appliances

The advancement in technology has allowed appliance manufacturers to make appliances such as refrigerators, ovens and microwaves smaller. So if you go kitchen appliance shopping, ask for the smallest ones. They have the same function and they may even be less expensive.

(3) Hang Some Stuff

Utilize the space on bare walls for hanging some utensils and towels. Just make sure that the hooks are stable and that objects are organized. This way, you even if objects are hung on the walls, they still look appealing to the eye.

(2) Small Furniture

Stay away from dining table sets that are to huge like those you can see in the White House or in a Castle. Contemporary kitchen designers in fact love small furniture. Don’t worry because they are still designed to be comfortable and dining would still be a great experience.

(1) Clean Regularly

The thing with small kitchens is that they are hard to maintain. Dust accumulates easily and there are hard to reach places for cleaning. To lessen your stress, you will need to clean regularly.

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