Top 10 Tallest Skyscrappers of India

The tallest building in India are mainly in Mumbai. Mumbai is undergoing a large scale construction boom. It has thousands of high-rises and more than 8 super tall buildings are under construction. More than 2500 skyscappers are built in Mumbai in the MMI region. Another city that is going through the construction of skyscappers is Delhi. Many high-rise buildings are constructed in Delhi and regions of NCR and the list is on. Hyderabad and Bangalore are another two cities where the construction of high-rise building is under construction. Kolkata is on no.2 after Mumbai on having the tallest building in India and many more are under construction.

Here is the list of top 10 tallest Skyscappers in India :

10. Orchid Woods 1

Orchid Woods 1 is located in Mumbai. It was constructed in 2012 and has 55 floors. The height of Orchid Woods 1 is about 190 meters (623 ft). It is one of the most popular residential development area in Goregaon East in Mumbai. It is a project of Real Estate and has a beautiful landscape with green gardens, natural beauty and also consists of 3 spacious blocks and over 500 houses. Fully equipped gyms and clubhouses are also  there to facilitate people.

9. TheRuby

The Ruby building is also located in Mumbai. It was constructed on 2011. The height of The Ruby is 199 meters (627 ft) and has 40 floors. This building is located in Dader in Mumbai. This building was founded by the  Mr. Manubhai C. Shah owner of The Ruby Mills Ltd. The building has residential houses and has  many facilities to the residents like gym, garden, clubs and grounds. The Ruby is ninth tallest building in India.

8. Ashok Towers D

Ashok Towers D is also located in Mumbai. It was constructed in 2009 and has a height of 193 meters (633 ft). It has 49 floors in the building. It provide the great residential areas for the residents including many facilities like area for playing outdoor games like basketball ground, gym and clubs, banquet hall, fully furnished houses and many more. The whole building is spread over 18 acres area.

7.  Vivarea 3

Vivarea3 is also located in Mumbai. It is residential building that have flat/apartment for sale. This building was founded by the R.K Raheja. The building is located in  Mahalaxmi NR Race Course in South Mumbai. It was created by  january 30, 2012. The height of the building is 200 meters (656 ft) and consist of 45 floors. The residential complex consists of large amount of space and has sea view in the majority of the rooms.

6. Vivarea 2

Vivarea 2 is also located in Mumbai. It is also a residential building like vivarea 3 and is owned by R.K.Raheja. The building is also the part of vivarea 3. Both of these building have equal height and equal no of rooms. These  building provide a great and spacious location to the residents. Large football ground in the middle of these building is the highlight of the Vivarea buildings.Vivarea 1 is also located near to vivarea 3 and vivarea 2. Its height is of  200 meters (656 ft) and has 45 floors. The construction of all vivarea building are adjacent to each other and are highly spacious.

5.  Lodha Bellissimo c

Lodha Bellissimo is also situated in the Mumbai. The height of the building is 222 meters (728 ft) and it consists of 53 floors. The construction of this tower is estimated to be completed in 2012. The building is owned by Lodha group of companies and is located in Mahalaxmi in Mumbai. The Lodha group of companies has an ISO 9001: 2000 Certification and has recently received the Accommodation Times Award for Customer Satisfaction.

4. Lodha Bellissimo A & B

Lodha Bellissimo A & B are situated in Mumbai near to Lodha Bellissimo C. The building also has the same height of 222 meters (728) and 53 floors. The Lodha group of companies owned these two building also. The construction of these building was started in 2005 and is estimated to be completed in late 2012. These building provide various facilities to the residents like spacious lawns and gardens, grounds, well furnished houses. These building are considered to be the second tallest building in Mumbai after their completion.

3. Imperial Tower 2

Imperial Tower 2 is also located in Mumbai. The construction of the tower was completed in 2010 and is now officially used by people. The height of tower is 254 meters (833 ft) and has 60 rooms. It is located in sea front in Tardeo in south Mumbai. The tower is designed by architect Hafeez Contractor and is the most amazing structure of his work. The tower is used for slum and mill land redevelopment across the city and also across the world.

2. Imperial Tower 1

Imperial Tower 1 is a twin tower of Imperial Tower 2. Both the towers are adjacent to each other. Imperial Tower 1 also has the same height of 254 meters (833 ft) and has 60 rooms. Its former name was S D Towers. These twin towers are owned by S D corporation pvt. ltd. The tower consists of 8 elevators.

1. Palais Royale

Palais Royale is the tallest skyscapper and has beaten Imperial towers in June 2012. The building is under-construction and is estimated to be completed in late 2012. The building has 100 floors with areas of  8, 8,700 square feet (810 m2) and 14,000 square feet and the floor plate of 500,000 square feet. The tower provide varies facilites like cinema hall, badminton hall, spa, cricket pitch, football pitch and three swimming pools. The architects working on this project are  M/s Talati Pantakhy associates. The building has  88 lakh square feet of total residential space.


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