Top 10 Manmade Ways that Would Destroy Earth

We need to save our environment for our future generation too. But what men nowadays care is all about them. They are using resources at a very high rate. This has resulted in some very harmful effects on environment. So let’s see the top 10 ways in which men is destroying the earth.

10. Construction of dams

Are you sure the dams you are constructing to save water are actually helping you to sustain your life? The reality is that construction of dam has lead to many environmental disasters. When you try built a dam and change the route of the water flowing in rivers it floods the surrounding areas. Due to the accumulation of water in the nearby land the ecosystem of the land gets disrupt. Not only this when water is accumulated more in the vegetation they die and they releases methane into the atmosphere. This has lead to global warming. According to some scientist dam construction is even related to earthquakes.


9. Overfishing

You are consuming more sea food than you should. As reported by World Wildlife Federation many fisheries are already devoid of fishes and many are on the verge of getting depleted. If this will be the rate of fish consumption there will be many species of fish that will get extinct. This means no more proteins for you!!  In the race to earn more money many fish catching ships are using bigger nets that can swipe out one class of fish in one catch.


8. Wars

Mankind is fighting wars to gain power. But these wars have tatter the environment. Wars have not only killed many people but they are still having their after effects on environment. The technologies like nuclear bombs, hydrogen bombs used during the wars have resulted in various kinds of pollution. Due to the atomic bombs dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki the place is still deserted with no vegetation on it. Man is still causing threats to environment as it is testing the new nuclear weapons the can used in the war.


7. Coal Mining

Coal mining is not only resulting in climate changes but has also posed threats on environment. Due to coal mining many forests are cut down and the wildlife is displaced. It is also responsible for acid rains. Not only this, extraction of coal from earth crust has lead to earthquakes. Since coal is a cheap source for generating power men is taking out more coal from earth than earth can replenish again. The leftovers and hazardous waste like mercury and cyanide  of mining are either dumped in the nearby valleys or in rivers polluting them.

6. Industrialisation and globalisation

The demand of natural resources has increased due to globalisation. Men are cutting down trees to build up more cities. The modernization techniques require the use of more resources and have resulted in their depletion. It has also resulted in loss of bio diversity. Globalisation and industrialisation has in some way leaded to global warming and green house effect.


5. Over Pollution

The waste and toxic gases released from industries, houses and vehicles have resulted in air pollution and the effluent discharges in water have leaded to water pollution. The number of industries is growing day by day and their effluent discharge has also increased. The pollution caused by the harmful gases has adversely affected the environment. This has led to depletion of flora and fauna life and is considered to be the main reason of acid rain.


4. Modern Agriculture methods

U.S. Environment protection Agency has released a report saying that 70 percent of the world pollution is caused due to modern farming techniques. Farmers’ nowadays are using pesticides and fertilizers to increase their crop yield. These chemical substances when penetrate inside the land and water destroy the life sustaining there. These chemicals increase the nitrogen level in water which results in growth of algae on water surface. These algae decrease the oxygen content in the water and hence killing the life present there.


3. Deforestation

Due to the growing demand of land for construction and agricultural purposes men is cutting down forest in large number.  Trees and plants are a big part of water cycle. Cutting down trees have resulted in landslides and floods. The biodiversity has also declined. Men are also cutting down forest for making furniture and arty-crafts. Trees also help in bringing rains. Many areas where trees were cut down have turned into deserts now.


2. Global Warming

In last 130 years the earth temperature is raised by 0.8 degrees Celsius. Due to global warming the ice caps are melting very fast. This has caused the sea level to rise. The increase in sea level has caused many areas to get flooded. It has also resulted in greenhouse effect. The gases responsible for green house are mainly co2 and methane. The global warming has lead to many natural disasters like draught, the food and water supply has decreased and the flora and fauna has decreased. Global warming also causes many skin cancers. More than a million species are on the verge of extinction due to global warming.


 1. Overpopulation

The increase in the population in the last few years has been drastic and it is the main reason of environment damage. As the population has increased the demand for food, water and other natural resources have also increased. This has caused the depletion of many natural resources on the earth. More people also means that the waste generated by them has also increased. Due to fewer places to dump the garbage this garbage keeps on accumulating and results in imbalance in the environment.



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