10 Things you should Take Care when Buying a New House

Man builds houses and makes it a home for a living. A very long time, million of years ago, man also lived in dens and caves like animals. But he was a special creation from God and he felt the need to cover and protect himself from heat and cold. It happens that Man was gifted with a thinking ability brain, he started to build houses and eventually the evolution has changed so much that we build big monuments to sky scrapers buildings now. But house is a home with so many factors considered. Else it is just any other building. So when you are looking a building for a house, you need to consider a lot many things before you make any kind of investments on it. We find all kind of people in today’s world, that there are always a chance of getting duped when it comes to real estates and property. What are the things you should keep in mind while look for houses to buy? Let’s have a look at it.

10. Initial Decision


It is very important to decide the purpose of you buying a house. Some buy to live in and some buy it to sell for a better price after certain number of years as a investment. Though in both cases you will be investing your money, decided on what exactly you are looking for and to whom, makes it easy in your search. If the house you are looking to buy is for you to stay, you need to consider a lot many factors like how many people stay at your house, and how many rooms do you need, and what either facilities are required depending on the comfortability of the family. Hence making a proper list of things you are looking for in your new house will always help you in buying a good house.

9. Real estate agents

real estate

In today’s busy world none of us have time to go in search of building-to-building if there is any available property. Hence there are people who help us in such things called Real-estate agents. Potential property owners will always give details to their trusted agents in terms of getting them any potential buyers. Of course everything is at a price. So when you as a buyer approach to any agent in search for your dream house make sure the agents work for looking for the kind of house you want, rather than convince you buying the property they have in hand. There will be always a discussion about the commission amount you need to pay to the agents. Negotiate the price according to your needs and buildings they show, it should be worth of the payment we make in the end.

8. Visiting a House to buy

visiting a house

Sometimes one might buy a new property, which is built newly, and you are the first, but sometimes you might also buy an used house, who are trying to sell their property for their own personal reasons. It is very important to have a look into the house, which you want to buy. When you visit the house there are lot many things you have to consider like the surroundings of the building, if the house need any repairs, your possible neighbor’s if you start staying in that house after buying and so on. Make sure you talk to some of the neighboring people who might be available and find out about any facts. Who knows, you might possibly found out some hidden skeleton in casket. Neighbor’s are the most best gossiping people, and some times gossips can help you know details, but sometimes its important for you to find out the truth.

7. Home Loans from Banks

home loans

While buying a house, most of us buy it through home loans from various banking facilities. There are Home Loans available almost in all banks and there are rule of interest rate for these loans. However in some it varies on the premium amount and the EMI amount you need to pay and so on. It is always wise to compare all the loans from different banks and make your decision as which Bank loan you would like to consider.

6. Down payment of money

down payment

Though you might take a loan, there is always an initial amount to be paid as a down payment. Make sure you do not spend all your saving in paying for the down payment as there will always be a need for money. After buying the house, its just a four wall building and you need to build your home in it. You might consider making particular changes in it, there might be some furniture’s needed, and so on. There is always something to make changes or something to buy in a house. Hence keep some amount within your saving while making a down payment.

5. Vastu and traditional values


As much as we deny a lot many beliefs on tradition, there are a lot many people who believe on tradition and customs. Vastu is one of countries strong tradition followed in purchasing a property or while building a house. We have recently heard about the breaking of walls and rooms recently by our Bangalore politicians due the improper Vastu plan, which they feared of causing losses. We do not know how much is true, but if you are tradition person, it is always better to consult a Vastu expert opinion before buying a house.

4. Check by Law

by law

There are certain rules to be followed either while selling a property or while buying it. It is very important to check all the papers if everything is correct and amounts are all paid accordingly. Like property papers and in whose name it is, Katha papers, Tax papers and all paid, utility bills paid. So before paying your money check for all necessary things and keep all signed papers with the help of any professional lawyer. Make sure there are no any kind of unsettled disputes or any kind problems with the property. There is always a chance running behind and most of the times people hide a lot many simple things, which can be a problem to you. Hence make sure every simple thing is checked properly before you make any kind of payment.

3. Area or nearby place


The money you pay always depends on the kind of area the house is built and the surrounding of the building. It is always important to look for what kind of area the house is built before you start looking. While the seller can charge you depending on the area, you should also think that at any point of time if you want to sell the property it should gain more value than the amount you might have paid. Hence it is necessary to make sure that the house is in a good locality, such as real estate Chennai. It is also necessary to make sure that the house is in the center making it easier to buy and live with all the household things.

2. Do not hurry


Who do not want fast money, and while the need is high everyone wants to sell as soon as possible to have his or her desired money. A seller usually tells that there are a lot of people interested in the property and you have to make a decision sooner or there are chances of loosing it. But that’s a bogus most of the time, or sometimes it can be true too. But do not hurry just because of the words of the seller or the agent. Take your time to think clearly and check in all the details clearly, and do not buy the house until you ready and clear. There is a possibility of loosing the one you wanted but do not forget that there are many fishes in a sea.

1. Let your dream house be a reality

dream house

Its one big dream for everyone about how there house has to be and whether it is a man or a woman, everyone will have some kind of a picture of their dream house. So when you visit a house potentially which on sale, do not rush into buying just because it might have one of the things you wanted in your dream house. For example Mrs. Leena always wanted a beautiful garden in front of the house, and when she went to look houses to buy along with her husband, she was overjoyed with one of the few houses. That particular house had garden, and she immediately wanted to buy the house. Well without any choice the husband bought it, and after few months they realized that the owner has used the public property in front of the house, as garden while the area of the house did not cover the entire garden. Well now, that surely a disappointment into the one single dream you had in your dream house. Hence how much ever attractive the house might look with its glint and polish, make sure you check everything.

So said with some of the things to be remembered while buying a house, make sure with all the things checked properly and make a happy home to yourself as well as your family.

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