Top 10 Ways to Discipline your Dog

Dog lovers are sometimes torn between disciplining their dogs and feeling guilty afterwards. If you are suffering because your dog is a spoiled one, furniture’s at home are now ruined and some corners are stinking, then you may need to really discipline your dog and stop feeling guilty. Here are the top 10 ways to best discipline your beloved dogs without hurting them.

Top 10 Ways to Discipline your Dog

Use the Word “No”

If you want to discipline your dog make sure to use the word “No” firmly. Sometimes dogs are hard headed, they won’t easily understand you and they will tend to repeat whatever bad habits they do and with the use of “No” and letting them feel that you disapprove such act, your dog will eventually understands you.

Start Discipline at an Early Age

If you don’t want to experience too much stress, you must start disciplining your dog at his early age. That way he will practice good habits and follow house breaking rules as he grows.

Improve your Verbal Connection

Verbal connection with your dog is highly important. You can’t just discipline your dog through actions, you need some verbal connections too such as no, sit, stop, stay and a lot more that you can use to command them to do something. Use these verbal connections as often as possible to instill in them the meaning of each word.

Exercise Environment Set-up

Environment set-up may sometimes harm your dogs but if you’re there to make sure that the set up is not life threatening, then this type of discipline is not bad at all. If your dog likes eating garbage’s, you can set up the environment to stop your dogs’ bad habit. You can use some pepper and spray it on the garbage so when your dog tries to eat it, he will have a taste of the hot pepper. In some cases, this is effective and proven to work.

Make Use of Collar Corrections

You may think that using a dog training collar if harmful but you are totally wrong. Dog collars are available in different sizes and different power levels. These collars produce small amount of shocks to capture your dog’s attention easily. This amount of shock is not really harmful therefore using this could be really helpful especially outdoors.

Isolate the Dog if He Commits a Mistake

Just like humans, dogs can understand certain situations too. In case your dog did something bad that you don’t approve of, you can isolate the dog; place him in a room for a few minutes to let him know that he has done a bad thing. This sometimes works. So every time your dog does something bad, place him in a room until he doesn’t commit the same mistake over and over.

You Need to Be a Role Model

You as the master must also be a role model. When disciplining your dog, you need to get up early and practice the same routine for how many continuous days until your dog gets used to it, one good example is to feed your dog right on time. This way you help him develop a good eating habit.

Give Him Treats

Dogs love eating treats too, just like kids you need to give them treats from time to time letting them know that they have done a good thing. This is also effective in terms of discipline that is why some dog trainers prefer using treats.

Be Patient with your Dog

Patience when disciplining your dog must also be exercised. You can’t train or discipline your dog in just one day. So bear in mind that you as the owner must stretch your patience before reaping out the benefits.

Socialize your Dog

Don’t forget to socialize your dog too. Let your dog practice his social skills, and meet other people. This way you are allowing him to get used to lots of people to avoid making him too aggressive. Socialization must be done between the ages of 4 to 12 weeks.

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