Top 10 Smallest Fishes Found on Earth

We’ve seen a lot of creatures with amazing weight and height most of the time. However, we seldom see creatures with the smallest size. Probably because of their very petite and tiny structures that is why only few have seen them. Have you ever wondered if what are the different fishes in the ocean that are said to be the smallest on Earth? Here are the top 10 smallest fishes in the ocean that will amaze you.

Pandaka Pygmaea

Top 10 Smallest Fishes Found on Earth

This specie is also known as the Dwarf Pygmy Goby that can be found in tropical countries because it only lives in tropical fresh waters. It is considered to be one of the tiniest because its full grown males can only reach 1.1 cm and its females can reach up to 1.5 cm. This fish is mainly seen in the Philippines. However reports showed that there are some found in Indonesia as well as in Singapore. This fish only weighs 4-5 milligrams. In terms of its look, it looks shiny and almost colorless or transparent.


Another specie which is found in the Philippines that belongs to the smallest group of fishes is the Paedocypris. There are few sightings in Malaysia and Indonesia. This is said to be one of the smallest of all smallest fishes which measures only 7.9 mm up to 10.3 mm. If you want to see this creature swimming around, it might be a little impossible as it usually stays in swamps where waters are dark colored.

Schindleria Brevipinguis

This type of fish is popularly known to some as the stout fish that is usually found in the waters of Australia specifically from its Great Barrier Reef stretching to Osprey Reef. When it comes to the fish’s length, this one measures 7 mm for females and 6.2 mm for males.


This small fish species is said to have originated in Eurasia. Belonging to a genus marine group which is found in fresh waters as well as brackish ones. Its animal kingdom is Animalia and its class is considered to be Actinopterygii.


Jawfishes are usually found in the Pacific Oceans. This fish is scientifically called Opisognathidae and are sometimes found in Atlantic waters and even in Mexican Gulf. If you want to see this type of fish, you can simply look in burrows. The weird thing about these fishes is they engulf sands and spit it in order to create their own tunnel as a form of protection. Jawfishes belongs to Actinopterygii scientific class of fish.


Dartfish is considered as saltwater fishes that is part of the Animalia kingdom. They are small with reddish color accent that were previously classified as wormfish subfamily.


Firefish and Dartfish are somewhat related to each other. This fish belongs to Nemateleotris.

Ocellaris Clownfish

Have you heard of “Nemo”? This is the so called Ocellaris Clownfish. It is also scientifically named as Amphiprion Ocellaris. It comes with different names too such as the following; Common clownfish, Fals Percula clownfish and a lot more. It is considered to be a marine fish.

Royal Gramma

Royal Gramma may be small however its color is simply catchy and beautiful. This fish is otherwise known as the Fairy Basslet. This is usually found in the tropical waters of Atlantic Ocean. Because of its attractive colors, this kind of fish are traded and are sometimes displayed in Aquariums.

Neon Giby

This specie is also part of the marine gobies. In terms of its shape, these fishes have torpedo shape bodies that measures about 2.5 cm. This group of fish mainly eats ectoparasites that are basically found in the gills, mouth and skins of other fishes.


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