Top 10 Recommended Pets to Own

Are you looking for the right kind of pet you can place at home? A pet that will keep you companion most of the time, a pet that will match your personality or a pet that will make you feel happy? There are dozens of pets you can own however only few are highly recommended. Let’s check out the top 10 recommended pets to own which you’ll not regret.


When you think about pet, the first thing that will come in your mind is a dog. Who wouldn’t want to own a dog? There are a lot of dog breeds to choose from ranging from small toy dogs to medium and large ones such as guard dogs. Dogs are also man’s best friend; they can be reliable and very lovable. So if you want a pet for companion and be part of your family, nothing is better than a dog.


Next to dogs are cats. There are also dozens of cat breeds; some are small while there are those that come in large sizes. Feline friends are very reliable too and loving. Just like dogs, they are trainable and not prone to any domestic violence.

Guinea Pigs

If you are looking for pets that don’t emit too much noise where you can just work without distraction at home, one highly recommended pet is the Guinea Pig. They can weigh as much as 3 pounds and comes in varying colors too. Its life span is said to be maximum of 10 years. Children will love owning this pet.


Another commendable pet you can take with you anywhere and play around is a hamster. This type of pet is known to be very small hence they’re called the pocket pets. They can last for up to 3 years and are perfect for children. So if you have a family, having a hamster is a good pet to have.


If you want active pets that are furry but not noisy, one good pet that will fit these qualities is the Ferrets. This pet comes with furs too and they are active for they love to roam and explore their surroundings. Its life span can last for maximum of 8 years and are perfect for children who are active.


If you’re into birds, nothing could be more fun and entertaining than owning a cockatiel. This bird is very friendly and sociable; having one will surely make your time fly just listening to this bird. It can mimic human sounds heard; it is small and they also whistles.


If you are a quite type of person who just wants a pet to feed and take care of every day, one highly recommended pet is a fish. Fishes are not noisy at all so it’s as if they do not exist, however you need to feed them which makes you feel more in charge. So if you are this type, then a fish is good to own.


Rabbit is a unique yet very cuddly pets. They are furry too and are silent. They are capable of coming when called and they are very friendly. This type of pet is best for children and it can live for as long as 10 years!

Box Turtles

If you want an audience and you want to entertain visitors, one good way to do so is to own a box turtle. This type of pet is perfect for showing around to friends. It’s beautiful and colorful. It can live as long as humans too till 40 years and feeding them is not that hard. It eats earthworms, vegetables and pellets.

Potbelly Pig

If you think pigs are disgusting then let me tell you that not all are dumb and disgusting. In fact, Potbelly pig is one of the most highly trainable pets to own. This pig is not dirty; it is intelligent, can easily be trained, doesn’t come with an awful odor and is very loving and playful.


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