Top 10 Reasons Why Having a Dog is Highly Recommended

Pets can do a lot of things in your life. These creatures can change how you view life and how you deal with it. One of the best pets you can have is a dog that is why they’re called as man’s best friend. Can dogs really do something for you that are beneficial? If you don’t have any pet, it must be a high time to own one for dogs can provide you a lot of things you’ll never thought a dog can give. Here are the top 10 reasons why having a dog is highly recommended.

Top 10 Reasons Why Having a Dog is Highly Recommended

Dogs are Loyal

Dogs as most of us know are very loyal. It has been tested and proven that dogs are loyal to their masters. Some would even give their lives just to save their master from any accidents. Studies recently showed that dogs have feelings and they are not just irrational animals. They can feel according to the latest studies about them revealing on a CT Scan that dogs brain activity functions similar to humans when excitement and other emotions are felt.

Dogs are Sweet

Dogs are definitely the sweetest pets in the world. They know if you’re sad and down, they know when to cheer you up and they can simply sense sadness in you. Dogs are also very cuddly. They tend to cuddle beside you if there’s a chance.


Because most dogs are willing to give their life to their masters, these beautiful creatures also acts as your protection. Dogs are good in terms of guarding your house and property. That is why dogs are kept at home to help detect possible entries or break in your property.


If you are lonely and would like someone to accompany you, there are dogs trained to be one’s companion. In some cases, there are guide dogs or service dogs who are trained to help elders and other people with disabilities to cope with their everyday life. These creatures also serve as companion.

Sense of Responsibility

Owning a dog will surely give you a sense of responsibility. You need to feed them, bathe and exercise. Having a dog at home can help you develop a sense of responsibility because dogs will make you feel like a master whom they can depend on when it comes to food and other needs.

Fun to be With

It is undeniable; dogs are really fun to be with. If you feel that you need some excitement and happiness in life, why not have dogs? Dogs can fill in the lonely space in your life while waiting for your Mr. Right. So if you want to enjoy life, dogs can help you with it.

Makes you Healthy

Believe it or not, pet dogs can boost your immune system. They can enhance your resistance and increase your immunoglobulin levels to help you avoid any colds most of the time.

Teaches Kids to Be Loving

Having a dog at home together with your kids will surely harmonize things up and will teach your child how to be nice to dogs. Therefore, your kid’s personality is being developed and thanks to dogs, the child’s social behaviour is being enhanced.

Fitness Buddy

Yes, dogs can also be your fitness bud. They too needs exercise just like humans and having one is perfect if you want to have a buddy exercise such as jogging around the block. Big dogs can simply keep up with humans.

You Feel More Loved

All dogs are very loving especially if you show them love too. So if you want to feel loved and special, owning a dog can certainly make you feel lighter and more loved. So if you plan on having a dog, don’t hesitate as you will be learning a lot from them.


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