Top 10 Reasons to Own a Dog

Its a long term belief and a well acclaimed saying that a dog is a man’s best friend .  Devoid of the selfishness that we humans possess the dog has always been a symbol of loyalty and faithfulness, be it the early morning walk or waiting at the door for the master late night your beloved pet will never complain. It only knows to be there by his master and it is this innocence of that animal that makes it almost another family member. Its not just the constant companionship that gives a dog an upper hand. Here are the top 10 reasons for you to own a dog.

10. Society

It goes without saying that a dog raises your “status” in the society. Various species of dog are there like the poodles and the Labradorean and the chihuahua which immediately set the standard of its owner. Walking with your i pod with your grand dog walking behind you is indeed a way to show your are the pro to anyone and get their attention. The beloved animals with their antiques can impress anyone around.  So you want to be the eye candy or the pro then you should surely own a dog.  What you waiting for go for it now.

9. Help’s in Getting a  girl .

Yes my dear boys ; you heard me right!! Simply having a dog around can help you get a girl.  It goes without saying that when it comes to a girl she prefers certain qualities in a man.  She wants the guy to be hardworking strong and at the same time she wants the man to considerate and socializing . You being with a dog gives the same idea to the girl.  How well you handle you dog and how patient you are with the animal is enough to impress the lady .  Go on if yo own a pet you have better chances in getting your girl. Don’t trust me then give it a try yourself.


8.  Mood enhancers .

Your pet knowingly or unknowingly relieves you of your stress.  Just imagine when you come home after a tiring day you see your dog waiting at the stairs or the door for you  to welcome you; won’t that make you smile ??  The moment you reach near your house the dog comes running by like some sort of celebrity has arrived;  won’t that make you happy?  Won’t that take away all the stress you were buried under ??  Your dog sitting by you is a calming sight .  Your pet dog acts as our stress buster.  You will forget everything and simply move on t have fun with your beloved friend – your dog .

7. For your  Health 

Yes, it is established by the various health magazines that dog owners are healthier then people who don’t have pets.  A dog inspires you to go for morning walk . You cant resist the ides of not taking you dog for walk. You play with your dog , run , jump and jog etc. All this helps you to shed your calories. Walking which you do in the name of your dog , is perfect remedy for your hypertension .  The physical activities help yo burn down the extra cholesterol , helping you t be in shape .  So apart from fun , playing with your dog is also a healthy exercise.


6. Be a better person .

When you decide to train your dog it very obediently learns everything you have to offer . It not only learns the acts you want it to perform it also learns everything about you . What makes you angry, what pleases you and etc. Many surveys have provided enough evidence that dog owners who spend considerate time with their animal are more patient and compassionate than people who don’t have pets .  People who spend time training their dogs have a better control over their negativity .  Dog builds in a positive attitude in them.

5. To know a person.

As mentioned, a dog learns about its master . His habits and attitude are all soaked in by the dog. You can very well know a person through its pet .  The hygiene of a pet dog can very well be linked to its master . The mannerisms of a pet say a lot about its master .  If you wish to judge a person silently the best way is to observe his pet and his behavior with the pet .  A loving and caring attitude towards the pet often indicates a considerate human being.  Also a person’s behaviour towards someone else’e pet can also tell a lot about him as an individual.

4. For your child’s development.

It is a proven fact that outdoor activities are a must for a child’s health and his well being .  When a child has a dog around it raises the child’s interests in outdoor activities. The child is more interested in playing outdoor games rather than simply slugging himself at the computer.  The outdoor games also enhance social relations of a child and also inculcate in him good friendly and moral values !! The child becomes a good team player. Playing out helps the child to have a proper BMI that resembles in the overall health of your child. And as said ‘a healthy mind need sa healthy body’ ; when the child has a healthy body it in turns increases his academic abilities.  The dog also ensure the safety of your child especially when you have a daughter.

3. For the endless love.

As we all know animals are devoid of the human selfishness and greed .  An animal does not know the maning of profit and loss, victory and defeat .  He simply knows to feel.  It can feel your love and in return will only return love.  Even if you have had a bad day and yo end up yelling at your beloved dog it will never bark at you with the same anger.  It will be quiet and will also try to cheer you up by bringing you your favorite book or your baseball bat or anything that it knows can make you happy.  It will be there by your side all the time day and night with not a single gesture of annoyance ; with only endless love.

2. For your safety .

Dogs have been used since ages for the matter of the owner’s safety .  There are hundreds of real life stories around where in the dogs have been the life savers for their masters . A “beware of the dogs” indication on the door keeps a lot of unwanted trespassers away.  Also dogs have great senses ; even the slightest bit of sound is enough to alert them. They are the best guards you can get especially at the night .  With extremely strong animal instincts they accurately can judge a person even in the first meeting.  So if your dog is not friendly with a certain neighbor or your friend then take it as an indication. Your dog is warning you.

1. A member of the family.

It has been seen that a pet ties various members of the family together.  Though an animal it becomes just another member of your family.  It becomes like a child to your parents . It becomes a brother or sister for your child. We name our pet dog always in a way that it indicates that it is another member for you. It joints you at the dining table, it tags along on a picnic, it is sad when you are sad , it adds to your joy and happiness . It can risk its life for your safety, it will stay up all night to ensure you are protected.  It will look after the baby in the cradle it will help you throw out the garbage etc etc etc. there is no end to this list.  A dog not only becomes a member of your family but also becomes the most important member of it.


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