Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds of all time

Cats are cute, cuddly and very lovable. Every breed has unique character traits which distinguish them from the other breeds. Some cats are very cuddly and lovable, others are very playful while some others are proud and shrewd. It is these characteristics which contribute to their popularity.

10. Oriental Cats

The oriental breed of cats was created by breeders in the United States who wanted a creature similar to the Siamese cat breed but wanted it to be more colorful. The result of long years of experiments is the oriental cat which comes in over three hundred colors. What is striking about these cute cats is their color patterns and combinations. Bringing this cat home is like having an art piece on the prowl. These cats love interaction with humans. They are active and always try to become the center of attraction. The Orientals are known to be very good companions and very conversational. You can hear them meow and purr all the time.

9. Savannah Cats

Savannah cats are almost like dogs. They can be leashed and taken for a walk, they can be taught dog-like tricks and can even be trained to fetch. These felines are very friendly and social. They mingle very easily with new people. Savannahs are very mild tempered and extremely intelligent. They can observe and learn how to open doors and get into cupboards. The most unique thing about Savannahs is that they love to shower, unlike all other cats. You can have your Savannah cat in your bathtub and enjoy splashing around with it.

8. The American Shorthair

As the name indicates, these are America’s favorite and are known to be the earliest cats to come to America along with the Europeans. These cats are excellent hunters and mousers. Despite being the sharpest and fastest among cats, the American shorthair is very gentle and loves to bond with children. Since it can take good care of itself, you do not have to spend a lot of time grooming it. These cats come in different colors but the most popular is silver tabby which sports a sterling silver coat with black markings. No list of “the best cat breeds” is complete without the American shorthair.

7. Maine Coon

The one feature which distinguishes Maine Coon is their large skeletal structure. It has a sort of rectangular body with generously long fur. Although they have long hair, they require very little grooming. These felines are famous for their intelligence. They are also very mellow, loyal, gentle and loving, which makes them very suitably in homes with kids.

6. Birman Cat

Known to be a native of Burma, the Birman cat breed is very friendly, good natured and flexible in its choices. Considering the fact that cats are usually stubborn and like to have their way, this Birman trait is indeed a rarity. The very interesting thing about these friendly cats is that they display very dog like traits of loyalty such as greeting at the door and following them around. As for their appearance, they are a beauty with their long silky fur, which requires very little grooming. The Birman cats love human companionship and even crave for it.

5. Abyssinian Cats

Abyssinian cats are known for their royal demeanor and elegance. They believe that they are royalty and demand a lot of attention. The Abys are very good natured and expressive. They love taking part in activities and are always curious about everything. These cats can be distinguished by their well developed musculature. The slender long legs and a well shaped body make these cats look very regal. One of the most popular cat breeds, the Abys make wonderful pets.

4.  The Ragdolls

Ragdolls are as interesting as their name. They are aptly named because these cute cats become limp and flaccid when you pick them up. So, you almost feel like you are holding a ragdoll in your arms. These cats love to be pampered and are experts at affectionately pampering you back. You can never stay angry at your Ragdoll for long. Their friendly and mild temperament draws them to humans. They are known to bond extremely well with people and are smart enough to quickly pick up tricks. Although they are the largest of all cat breeds, they are the most gentle and defenseless. So, they need to be protected. They are also the cutest among cats.

3. The Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are characterized by their strong and flexible bodies and extremely stylish demeanor. These cats love showing off and always manage to draw attention. They revel when they become the center of attraction. Although these cats are not very noisy, they love to talk. If you ignore a Siamese cat for long, do not be surprised to hear it yowl or cry loudly. Do not panic. The cat is not in trouble. It is just trying to draw attention. They are very loving and become close to one of the family members.

2. Manx cat

Manx cats are characterized by a short tail and an arched body because their hind legs are longer than their front legs. Some cats are almost tailless or have just a stub in the name of a tail. Their uniquely streamlined body makes them able to move fast, which makes them extremely good hunters. They can easily bring down prey larger than them. The most captivating thing about the Manx is their eyes, which are very cute and expressive.

1. Persian cat

The Persian cat tops the list. These high maintenance cats have a beautifully rounded face and a short muzzle which gives an impression of a punched face. They are ranked at the top of the list because they are the most lovable, affectionate and cutest cats. Although they need a lot of grooming and regular hair care, their owners don’t seem to mind because they are such lovable and loyal creatures.


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