Top 10 Most Expensive Breeds of Dog in the World

Dogs are considered as a man’s best friend. You can get one from a friend, from a pet shop, or from an animal shelter. If you are thinking of a particular dog breed to bring home as your daily companion and you are opting to buy one then you have to know how a particular breed actually costs. If your plan is to buy an expensive dog then you can refer to this list – the top 10 most expensive breeds of dog in the world.

10. Chow Chow ($3000)

This breed of dog has the look of a lion. It actually originated in China and features a broad skull and a square-like profile. Its tail is curly and hair that is thick. However, this is known as a high-risk dog breed because of its fatal bites. But rest assured that it is protective to its masters.

9. Pharaoh Hound ($3000)

This breed of dog is basically related to Egypt’s ancient times but it actually originated in Malta where it is widely used for haunting and catching rabbits. This breed exudes gracefulness, elegance, power, intelligence, stubbornness, and athletic characteristics.

8. Akita ($3500)

Akita breed comes in two different versions: Japanese and American. The Japanese version comes with brindle, white, fawn, red, or sesame color. The American strain on the other hand comes in any kind of color. Akita dogs are dominant, big, and strong. So they are ideal for those who have their first time owning a dog.

7. Chinese Crested Hairless ($5000)

This is a small breed of dog which is known for its single coat fur. This dog needs special attention as it is susceptible to sunburn, dryness, and pimples.

6. Tibetan Mastiff ($5000)

This is a primitive breed of dog which has actually originated in the Central parts of Asia. It is best for guarding and herding. It is also known for its intelligence, strong will, and power and it can be unfriendly to strangers. It is also naturally nocturnal as it spends the whole day sleeping to recharge itself for his night duty.

5. Canadian Eskimo Dog ($6000)

This is known as a primitive breed in North America. It is athletic, powerful, with a massive built, and an appearance that is almost similar to American wolves. It is a dog breed known for its intelligence, loyalty, alertness, toughness, and bravery.

4. German Shepherd ($6500)

This breed is known for its protective and loyal character. It is also self-assured and active – the reason why such breed was used in protecting, guarding, and herding sheep in Germany many, many years ago. It learns quickly and is always willing to come up with a purpose.

Most Expensive Breeds

3. Samoyed ($6500)

Otherwise known as Bjelkier, the Samoyed dog breed comes with a happy look and expression, playfulness, as well as a friendly and heartwarming disposition. It is a great choice for kids.

2. Rottweiler ($7000)

A versatile breed of dog which is commonly used in rescue and search operations, as a guard dog, police dog, and an excellent guide for blind people.

1. Lowchen ($7000)

This breed of dog is rare and is also known as the Little or Small Lion Dog. It looks regal which is similar to that of a lion,has a friendly and playful attitude, too.

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