Top 10 Most Endangered Animals

Animals always constitute an important part of Nature. It is just because of some people it is really hard to say that some of the animal species are in danger. There are many animals that come in the category of endangered species. But, given below is the list of 10 most endangered animals.

10. Baiji: The very first animal that comes under the endangered animals in the world is Baiji. According to the survey in 2007 this breed of dolphin is ranked as the world’s most endangered species. There are many natural reserves that have been established to protect this endangered species.  But still these reserves do not protect this dolphin species.

9. Amur Leopard: The second endangered species is the Amur Leopard. Amur Leopard is generally seen in the regions of Russia. The sad news is that only forty Amur Leopard is left in the world. People usually hunt this species of leopard for pelts.

8. Javan Rhinoceros: There are less than fifty Javan Rhinoceros in the world and this makes then third most endangered species of animals. Well, to some extent the small size of the population of Javan rhino is also a major cause.

7. Siberian tiger: The fourth name in the list of endangered species is of Siberian Tigers. The total population of this species in today’s date is 500 in total. Tigers are mainly hunted for their body parts that are used in making common Chinese medicines. Though due to the strict rules and regulations poaching is reduced but still Siberian Tiger comes under the list of endangered species.

6. Sumatran Rhinoceros: The fifth number goes to Sumatran Rhinoceros in the list of endangered species. There are approximately 300 total Sumatran Rhinoceros in the world. This is the only Asian rhinoceros with the two horns. They are hunted because of their white hairs.  They are the top victim of the greed of human beings. Though, several steps are taken to ensure their safety, but still no positive results.

5. Cross River Gorilla: The sixth most endangered species of animals in the world is of the Cross River Gorilla. Only 300 Gorillas are left in total. Illegal hunting and habitat loss are the main cause for their endangered. Well, now the region where they live are known for high biodiversity and growing human population is putting force to kill them.

4. Mountain Gorilla: The species of Mountain Gorilla has suffered loss from the 20th century and that has made them come on the seventh number in the list of endangered species. Many conservation help is provided in order to save their species. And it is also hoped that their count will definitely increase with the passage of time.

Endangered Animals

Most Endangered Animals

3. Black rhinoceros: The eight positions go to black rhinoceros. Change in habitat is the major reason for the decrease in their population. Along with that snaring and poaching are also responsible for their population decrease.

2. Vaquita: Only 500 to 600 the total number of Vaquita is left in the entire world this gives them the 9th position in the list of endangered species. They are killed for shrimp trawlers.

1. Borneo Pygmy elephant: The tenth position in the endangered species is of Borneo Pygmy elephant. Total about 1200 elephants are left of this species.

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