Top 10 Most Deadliest Sea Creatures in the World

There are lot of activities in sea which gives us fun and helps us enjoy. We consider seas as an interesting spot but it can be a dangerous place and can cause a lot of damage if you come across some of the deadly animals. If the dangerous creatures of sea are provoked they can smash up swimmers, divers and people on the coastal areas. This article will show us some of the furious and feared, from deadliest to venomous predators of the sea.

So here we provide you with the top ten deadliest sea creatures which can cause you a serious harm:

10) Sea Lion:

Sea lions are considered to be cute animal. They can be easily trained and many became the stars in zoo. But the cuteness of this animal fades away in the sea as sea lion attacks often on human beings. In 2006, United States and California reported few cases of attacks at Manhattan Beach, San Francisco and Newport. Some of the local scientist there predicted that the behavior of sea lion is erratic and can rapidly become destructive.

9) Lion Fish:

Lionfish is the part of the ‘Scorpion fish’ family. It is believed to be one of the most attractive and beautiful fish in the sea. They have very large and separated spines which gives away majestic air. But don’t let the good gaze fool you. Although the sting of lion fish is not deadly but it can give you painful attack by inserting its venom into human being. Poison can cause vomiting, headaches and respiratory problems. These symptoms can last for weeks. These fish are generally found in Eastern Atlantic and Caribbean Sea.


8) Puffer Fish:

This fat bodied Puffer fish contains a deadly poison or toxin called as Tetrodotoxin (TTX). This toxin is more powerful than cyanide and cause difficulty in breathing before leading to death. A single puffer fish contains enough toxins to easily kill more than 30 human.  In Japan these fish are considered as delicate in spite of the fact that one cut by these can certainly cause death. In Japan this fish is served as a delicious meal after removing the poison. 

7) Stone Fish:

There are two most important reasons behind its danger. First is that it is the world’s top most toxic fish. Second reason is that since its body is in stone shape so it can easily hide among rocks underwater, thus adding to the danger. The size of this fish is small approximately 12 inches. The dorsal area of the fish is creased wish thirteen spines which release toxin that causes severe pain, temporary paralysis, tissue death and can even lead to death if medical attention is not provided. Swelling and excruciating pain remains for months even after treatment. They are generally found above Tropic of Capricorn and in Indo-Pacific Ocean.

6) Chrionex or Box jellyfish:

Box jellyfish is one among the largest jellyfish. They are also referred as ‘sea wasp’ or ‘marine stinger’. They have a bell which can grow as large as a soccer ball.  Each end of the bell contains 15 tentacles. These fish are very popular as they have the ability to kill a person within 4 minutes of attack. It is faster than any type of snake. Sting from box jellyfish can cause intense pain and is often links to brutal effects on heart and nervous system of victim. Applying vinegar can prevent from nematocyst.  Anti-venom for this type of jellyfish does not exist making the above and other natural methods important. They are generally transparent in nature therefore one cannot see them coming. Hence, making it the most dangerous fish. Most of the people die not because of the sting but from the deadly shock caused by the excruciating pain. These are generally found in Northern Australia and a single jellyfish can kill 60 people.. So the divers there should be very careful while diving.

5) Tiger shark:

Although the tiger shark is not as large as great white shark but they can be around 4 meters long and can weigh up to tons.  They are often known for their eating habit of old materials which can include seal, birds, small sharks, squid, dolphins, fish and even tiers can be demolished by their sharp pointed tooth. These are next to great white shark when it comes to fatal attacks. The reason behind this fact is those tiger sharks are generally found closer to shore as compared to white shark. Also these are found in greater number. They are often found in tropical areas.


4) Stingrays:

Severity of the attack of this creature was found on 4 September 2006 when Steve Irwin was attacked by one. Steve Irwin was a biologist and host of Crocodile Hunter. The incident shocked the world and became international headline. The majority of incidents with this specie occur when divers, swimmers or cameraman steps on them making it a defensive attack by their side. These creature possesses a tail of spear shape and contains lot of toxins that can be stabbed into human and can cause heart failure.

3) Sea Snake:

Although these snakes are not very aggressive but the amount of toxic it can transfer on biting spots them into most dangerous and deadliest sea creature. They resemble between an eel and a land snake. The prime difference between an eel and a sea snake is that sea snakes do not have gills. Also they need to return to top of surface for exchange of air. They can have length up to 4 to 5 feet. Some species can also reach up to 10 feet. These snakes are highly venomous and can be fatal to us. They are usually quiet unless provoked. The bite can cause paralyses and cardiac arrest within eleven hours of attack. These creature are generally found in warm waters in Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.


2) Saltwater Crocodile and Alligators:

They have the reputation of most ferocious predators in world. Alligators and saltwater crocodiles are exceptionally lethal because of their length which can be up to 17 feet and their weight of over 1500 kilo grams.  They prowl under water and wait for the meal so that they can drag them to death. They wait under marshes and other murky surface for the varieties of prey which includes kangaroos, shark, buffalo, monkeys, and even human beings. Since they have great power they twist the prey under water and paralyze it. Primary difference between behaviour of alligators and crocodiles to great white shark is that great white shark generally attacks for feeding purpose but both alligators and crocodile remain aggressive all time and hunt humans at territories. Attack on small boats or canoes are often reported. It is advised to speak to locals of the area about marshes and sea before diving.

1)      Great White Shark:

They are at the top of ocean’s food chain.  This exceptionally large creature is found all around the world. It is listed as one of the most furious and dangerous animal in ocean and they eat anything. These sharks have amazingly strong jaw which is embellished with more impressive razor sharp teeth. They can be up to 6 meters in length making them as the largest and deadliest predators on list. Their nature are often misunderstood as they attack human only when they are hunting for food or if they are provoked, which is a basic instinct for every living organism.


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