Top 10 Most Deadliest Dog Breeds in the World

From ancient times dogs are used to guard human beings from intruders. They have been among the best companions humans have. In dangerous situations even these friendly dogs become dangerous and can cause great harm. The list of the most dangerous dogs is made in accordance with features like aggressiveness, best guard dog and nature of the different dog species found in the world. It is already known that no dog is harmful and dangerous until the circumstance goes wrong. So let us ponder on some of the most dangerous dog breeds on earth.

10. Dalmatian

Dalmatian are white coloured dogs covered with black spots and are known to be very aggressive and protective in nature. In the early 18th century they were trained for coaching other species of dogs and to fight against thieves and other animals. They are full of energy and are very intelligent as well as independent. They are good as pets but they sometimes become restless. They also have excellent memory and survival instincts. Dalmatians are generally found in Yugoslavia and weighs 20-32 kg.

9. Boxer

One of the most interesting breed found in dogs is Boxer. Because of their stubborn nature it is hard to train them. They are not very violent and hostile and are playful, bright and energetic. Though it is one of the cutest dog breed but it is dangerous too. They have the longest tongue among all the breeds of the dog. Found in Germany their weight lies between 22 to 33 kg. It is used as a guard dog to protect from thieves and robbers

8. Presa Canario


 Their origin is said to be in Canary Islands and they weigh around 37 to 55 kilograms. They were originally used to fight and guard the cattle. They are among the biggest and most powerful dog breeds. They do not get infuriated very easily but once they get angry it’s hard to calm them down. They are also among the most terrifying looking breeds. They have a strong biting capability and its prey can’t get easily off it. They don’t fear anything and has astonishing power.

7. Chow Chow

They are the fluffiest dog in the list of dangerous dogs. They originated in Northern China about 2000 years ago and were used by shepherds and for hunting. They are used as guard dog and they are considered to be very active in nature. The dog is different from other species as it has 44 teeth and the other breeds just have 42 teeth. They can be extremely frightening if not bred properly. Their weight is around 22 to 44 kilograms.

6. Doberman Pinschers

They are among the most desirable dog breed due to its various traits like alertness, intelligence, best human companion, loyalty and confidence. They are used as guard dogs to fight against robbers and intriguers. When provoked they can turn violent. People prefer them because they can be easily trained. To detect explosives and smuggled articles they are used by arm forces. They originated in Germany and they weigh around 30 to 42 kg.

5. Alaskan Malamutes

They are very active and hard working breed. They need to be working always otherwise they turn violent. They are normally found in snowy regions and are used to run the carts for carrying people and goods. They do not remain alone and attack in groups. They are not very aggressive but once they turn violent it becomes hard to calm them down.  Found in Alaska they originated in Nordic and their weight varies between 35 to 46 kg.

4. Huskies

Due to their soft and gentle nature they are not used as guard dogs. They resemble very much to Alaskan Malamutes in nature as well as looks. They have a loud howl which can be heard over a distance of 10 miles. Only 6% of the total people bitten by dogs were reported to be bitten by the Huskies. They are very clever and vigorous breed. They are said to be originated in North East of Siberia. They have icy blue eyes and a double layered furry coat which protects them from harsh cold weather. If they are rubbed in a wrong way they turn violent otherwise they are very friendly and silent in nature. Their weight lies between 20 to 30 kilograms. They are found in Alaska.

3. German Shepherds

German shepherd are among the very famous dogs and are used as guard dog because they are easy to train and very powerful. They are said to be very clever and alert in nature. They have a protective temperament and hence used to guard against thieves and burglar. They are used in arm forces like K-9 unit. Their weight varies in the range of 32-46 kilograms. They have originated in Germany.

2. Rottweiler


They require attention and affection otherwise it is hard to keep these dogs. They are counted among the most dangerous dogs in the world. They can’t be kept as pet dogs in many countries and special permission is required to keep them. They can even sacrifice their lives for their keepers. They are used as guard dogs for guarding against thieves. They are originated in Germany and weighs around 46 to 50 kilograms. They have the strongest jaw among all the dog breeds. They have very high stopping power.

1. Pit Bulls

They are rated as the most aggressive and dangerous dog breeds. They lock their prey into their jaws until it dies. They are very courageous and highly desired for dog fighting. They are known to have killed people. The dog not only has strong jaws but strong muscles too. They have very strong biting power. They have originated in United States and weighs around 25 to 30 kg.

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