Top 10 Most Dangerous African Animals

World has been full of wild animals that are very dangerous. And when it comes to Africa, this continent has many wild animals which are really very dangerous. In fact Africa is the continent on this Earth which has a wide range of animals. Many people visit this vast and beautiful continent for watching these wild animals. Here we are going to give everyone the list of top ten most dangerous animals that are available in Africa.

10. Desert Locusts

On the third spot of the most dangerous animals that are found in Africa we have Desert Locusts. This is an animal that belongs to the Locust species. Desert Locusts are also known by their biological name which is Schistocerca gergaria. These small animals have affected the crops at a very large scale and are a headache for the people who are living in Africa. This insect has affected the life of many people who live in Africa. They have an ability to fly and cover a large distance at once. Some researchers have claimed that Desert Locusts is one of the reasons of the Famine that has taken place in various parts of Africa over the years as they destroy the crops and also affect the food from getting nutritious.

9. Great White Shark

Great White Shark is another wild dangerous animal which is found in Africa. This animal has several common names such as white pointer, white death and white shark. The biological name of this dangerous wild animal found in Africa is Carcharodon carcharias. Almost found in all the oceans if Africa this shark is well known for the size of its body, which is quite large. Some Sharks which have been found here were a whopping six meter in length and had weight of around 5000 lbs. many other sea animals who live alongĀ  with this Shark ultimately becomes the food for this giant animal. He average life span of this huge animal is around 30 years.

8. Puff Adder

Puff Adder is at number eighth spot in our list. This deadliest snake is found in almost every part of Africa except for the rain forests and the Great Sahara Desert. The venom of this highly dangerous snake is very poisonous. Many people in Africa have suffered snake bite from this particular dangerous snake and have later found it difficult to survive due to its highly toxic venom. The biological name of this snake is Bitis arietans and commonly it is known by the name of Puff Adder. This snake is generally 1 meter in length and is in fact very strong having weight approximately around 6 Kgs.

7. Cape Buffalo

The African Buffalo are known by the name of Cape buffalo throughout the world. They have some other common names too such as mbogo, nyati and afffalo. In fact the biological name of this buffalo is Syncerus caffer. They are much larger than the buffalo that are found in various parts of the world. Its nature is very erratic and due to which this buffalo is considered as to one of the dangerous animals in Africa. The African buffalo has an average height of 1.7 meters and have a very huge weight. They have a different kind of horn which is also quite dangerous.

6. Lion

The list would have been incomplete if we would not have mentioned the name of the African Lions. Known biologically by the name of Panthera Leo this is one of the most dangerous animals that is found in Africa but in our list it is at the number sixth spot. Some of the Lions which are found here in Africa have weight around 250 Kgs. Over the years the number of Lions that were present in Africa has declined because of the poachers and hunters who have killed Lions illegally for their own benefit without taking into consideration that they are now left in numbers. Lion is known for its dangerous attitude and that is what makes Lion one of the deadliest animals which are found in Africa.

5. Black Mamba

Black Mamba is another snake which is found in Africa and is one of the most dangerous animals which is found there. Black Mamba has a biological name of Dendroaspis polylepis and is commonly also known as the Black Mouthed Mamba. Its length is quite big which is up to 14 feet and this is the longest snake which is found out in Africa. Again the venom of this snake is very toxic and can affect any people within seconds. Inside its mouth the colour is generally black and so it is known as the Black Mamba. It runs very fast and can attain a speed of approximately 19 kilometers per hour which is too much for a snake.

4. Nile Crocodile

The crocodile which is found in Africa is known by the name of Nile crocodile. Biological name of this highly dangerous animal is Crocodylus niloticus. The Nile crocodile is found out in almost every part of Africa. Their colour is dark bronze and is up to five meter in length. Ore interestingly they can run with a speed of 14 kilometers per hour. Their tail is very powerful and when any one gets caught into the trap of this dangerous wild animal then it is only god that can save him. Their weight is quite large and some of them that have been found had weight around 500 kilograms.

3. Mosquito

It is quite funny to name a mosquito in the list of the most dangerous animals but when it comes to the mosquito that are found in Africa they are a must to be in the list. Also known by the name of yellow fever mosquito these are very dangerous and one should protect themselves from this particular type of mosquito found generally in Africa. They are the reason for the spread of the dengue fever, yellow fever and the Chikungunya disease that kills thousands of people living in Africa every year. Biological name of this dangerous mosquito is Aedes aegypti.

2. African Elephant

Huge African Elephant is at the number second spot in our list of the top ten most dangerous animals that are found in Africa. African Elephant is very large in size. They are generally 12 to 13 feet in height and their weight is around 12000 lbs. they have larger tusks than the average elephants that are found in various parts of the world. Due to this reason they are one of the most common preys for the hunters and the poachers.

1. Hippopotamus

The list is topped by the Hippopotamus who are the most dangerous animal that are found in Africa. The biological name of these Hippopotamus is Hippopotamus amphibious. They are found in Africa from very ancient time. The weight of an average Hippopotamus is generally around 1600 kilograms and have height around 4.5 meters. Due to their large size and very erratic behaviour, they are one of the deadliest animals found in Africa.

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