Top 10 Insects whose Bites are Most Painful

Even a simple mosquito bite leaves us crying, the pain caused by the stinging of little painful insects is unthinkable. There are many insects which are known to inject lots of venom in the victim, leaving him withering in pain. These bites can sometimes also take human life. The pain caused by these insects is measured according to a scale known as “sting pain index” where the pain induced increases with the increase in the score on the scale. Following is the list of top ten painful stinging insects in the world:

10. Sweat bee

The sweat bee sting is the least painful sting in the list of top ten painful stings. Belonging from the large family of bees, Sweat bees are generally black or metallic in color with a rare exception of yellow or bright green. These bees are found in every corner of the world except Australia, where they are usually uncommon. These bees as the name suggest are attracted towards humans due to the smell of sweat. Their sting is rated 1.0 on the scale on the “sting pain index”.  Their sting is rarely a matter of serious concern unless one is severely allergic to the insect’s venom. In case of emergency, immediate medical care can save the life of the patient. This sting usually causes some swelling and mild itching when the bee injects one strand of hair in the sufferer.

9. Fire ant

Fire ant stings get a rating of 1.2 on the “sting pain index”. They are natives of South America, also common in places like Alabama, California as well. Fire ant’s sting causes a twitch in the victim. These ants can be caught in places like switch boards of lights, or when walking on carpet. These ants usually sting in groups, when one ant bites; it makes a swarm of ants to bite the victim. The sting is sudden, sharp however is not known to be fatal.

8. Bullhorn acacia ant

Also known by the name of Thorn tree acacia, the Bullhorn acacia ant is mostly found in Mexico and Central America. These ants are known to have a symbiotic relationship with the trees where large colonies of these ants occupy the hollow part of trees, thereby protecting the trees from other insects or damages caused by animals. On the”string pain index” Bullhorn ant ranks 8th in the list with the score of 1.8. Their sting is very painful and piercing, giving a pain equivalent to the pain which is caused when we staple our cheek.

7. Bald faced hornet

Bald faced hornets are very closely related to another breed of insects, Yellow jacket and accounts 1.9 on the pain scale. Their nest with the shape of football is protected by the thin and sleek covering of paper. One should not try to remove these nest without professional aid as these hornets bite their victims repeatedly, leaving the sufferer in deep pain. Their sting injects a considerable amount of acetylcholine which is responsible for the pain. The induced pain is similar to the pain caused when our hand is mashed in the door. The effect of the pain can however be reduced by applying meat tenderizer which neutralizes the effect of venom, thus providing relief to the sufferer.

6. Yellow jacket

Yellow jacket, found mostly in Northern America gets 6th position in the list of top ten painful insects as they are known to cause an average of 20 deaths per year (in case you are allergic) in the country. With the “sting pain index” measuring 2.0, these insects unlike the honey bee sting repeatedly, injecting a large amount of venom into the patient’s body inducing a large amount of pain. The pain has a sensation similar to a cigar burning on our tongue! These can however befriend in case you are not allergic to them as they acts as cleansing agents for your homes and gardens as they feed on mosquitoes and houseflies.

5. Honey bee

Found in almost every corner of world Honey bees are ranked 5th in the list of painful stings. The pain caused by them is scaled to the level of 2.x on the pain scale. Honey bee injects their stinger in the victim’s body which is known to cause a huge amount of pain. The amount of pain depends on the time duration or which the stinger remains in the body. It is often remedial to pour salt water, ingest ibuprofen or anti-inflammatory drug to lower the level of suffering.

4. Red Harvester ant

The residents of forests of Florida and California, Red harvester ant’s sting are the 4th most painful insect sting. On the “sting pain index” Red harvester ant gets a score of 3.0. Though their sting is tremendously painful and relenting, these ants are not known to cause human casualty. In order to kill an adult, these ants would have to sting almost 800 times. However, whoever is stung by these ants once would definitely not dare to stand on their nest to get stung for the second time.

3. Paper Wasp

The short tempered Paper wasp is known to cause pain equivalent to spilling of hydrochloric acid on hand. They get a score of 3.5 on the pain scale. They reside in places like the attic or on roofs. Their nests can be cited by the cells which are left open for the larvae. It is recommended not to stir the sting and to take it out as soon as possible. Although capable of producing excruciating pain, they are however not fatal, on an average killing 2 to 3 people in the year due to allergic reactions.

2. Pepsis wasp

Also known by the names like Tarantula Hawk and Spider Wasp, these are the 2nd rank holder in the list of most painful stinging insects. The agony caused by them scales for 4.0 on the pain scale. The wasp is entitled with the name of “Tarantula Hawk” in the Southwest deserts as kill tarantulas, paralyzing them so that they can feed to the wasp larvae. When stung you feel like getting electrocuted, an intense and bold pain is injected in for about 3 minutes in the victim.

1. Bullet ant

The Bullet Ant is commonly found in the coastal forests of Nicaragua near the Amazon basin is known to cause the most painful sting in humans. Their sting is rated with 4+ on the “sting pain index”. They inject a very severe and bright pain in the victim which lasts for 24 hours even if proper medication is taken on time, thus leaving the patient gnawed. It is similar to walking on fire, the pain is however unimaginable. The ant is so named because the sting injects a pain which is caused when are you are shot by a bullet.


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