Top 10 Effective Guard Dogs at Home

Are you in constant fear that a thief or an intruder will invade your private space? One of the best investments when it comes to security is the use of guard dogs. For some, dogs are not that effective win guarding however for most experts, nothing could get better than a guard dog compared to any security systems you have at home. Here are the top 10 effective guard dogs you can have at home.


If you’re looking for the perfect guard dog at home, you have to make sure the dog is perfectly fit and comes with an impeccable physical strength. Bullmastiff is one of the best guard dogs at home, strong, very loyal yet has protective instincts perfect to guard your property.

Doberman Pinscher

Fast, agile, flexible, smart, fearless and above all very loving and loyal, these are the traits of a Doberman Pinscher which are perfect for a guard dog. So if you want a dog you can trust to be alert most of the time, nothing could beat this breed.

Great Dane

If you want to intimidate suspicious people, a Great Dane is one good way to intimidate thieves! These dogs got huge size, got massive strength and are always alert and very energetic too. This is another breed that is capable of guarding your family.


This breed definitely comes with protective instincts! Smart, can be easily trained, really strong and are born to be pack leaders! This breed is also not that trusting therefore strangers will really think twice before doing negative things.

Giant Schnauzer

Because of size, intruders will surely be doubtful of whether to invade your property or not. The presence of a Giant Schauzer is already intimidating, how much more if you will intrude the property.

Wolf Shepherd

This is partly domesticated and partly wild so before making this as your guard dog, you have to make sure your Wolf Shepherd must be trained well. This breed can stay as late as they can to guard your place, always alert regardless of a strangers distance. This is the kind of guard dog you need for large properties and if you are serious about having a safe place.


This breed of dog is alert and definitely looks like a boxer, strong and powerful. This breed is also loyal to their masters and will guard properties impeccably! You can certainly rely on boxers to guard your home hence it falls in the list of the top 10 guard dogs at home.


This type of breed comes with natural guarding instincts. Aside from being loyal and active, this breed is full of energy and strength which is perfect if you want a guard dog that could stand and protect its ground.


This breed is one of the most highly recommended, as soon as it senses something suspicious, it will bark and bark to alert humans of something. This breed is smart and perfect if you also need a companion.

German Shepherd

Fearless, intelligent, active, and loyal dogs. German Shepherd will make you feel secure most of the time. Its size is massive, it’s intelligent and reliable.

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