Top 10 Easiest Dogs to Trained, They are super Clever

Human beings are fond of pets since ages. There has been a varied choice of pets varying from gender to gender. Cat, dogs tops the list of favourite pets. Dogs are considered to be the man’s best friend among animals and the most trusted and loyal one too. There are many instances in world where the dog has given away its life to protect its master. Dogs behave the way they are trained. It is easy to train some dogs and some are hard. The military dogs are the best breed of dogs. This list of top 10 brings you the name of the top 10 easiest dogs to be trained.


The Papillion’s are the scariest of all breeds because of their looks. But the interesting fact is this breed is actually a lot tougher than its looks. Genetically they are little moody and aggressive in nature. A quality of these dogs is they are very loyal to their masters and very possessive in nature. They are popularly called the most affectionate dogs. They are intelligent in nature and often used for defence and investigation purposes.


As the name depicts these breed of dogs hail from the southern continent of Australia. These dogs are a very active and energised breed. They have a varied quality accumulated in them. They are freethinking, resourceful, loyal and protective to their master. The disadvantage with them is though they are active they need to be regularly exercised and worked out both mentally and physically to keep their senses working.


One of the most famous pets worldwide, the Labrador retriever is well known for its loving and affectionate nature.  They are meant to be hard working. They are need to be exercised regularly failing to which may lead to weight problems. Another trait of these breeds is they are very patient in nature and lovable. These breed is loved by children all around the world and this makes it a popular family dog.


The fearsome and the careless attitude of the Rottweiler makes the breed one of the most easy trained dogs. Popularly called the rotti it has minimum intensity and hence it is one of the most popular family dogs. It is chosen mostly for security and guard purposes due to its courageous and intelligent traits and loyalty.


Most famous of all the breeds and ranked as all-time popular dog in most of the lists, the golden retriever covers all the aspects of being a perfect family dog. It is loyal, loving in nature, patient, fast, mixes well with children, easy to train. It is considered one of the most intelligent pets worldwide. Apart from security use it is widely used in shows circus to display amazing tricks, thanks to its intelligence. All these do not end its quality list it is cheaper to be maintained than its counterparts. So golden retriever gets spot number 6 in our edition of top 10.


After apes anybody nears human intelligence? well you may find this statement irreverent . but the breed we are discussing now has the fame of matching human intelligence. You guessed it right we are talking about the Shetland sheepdog. Though they are not so much friendly with the children and the guests, yet they are loyal and affectionate to their own master. They were earlier used to protect the cattle’s and the sheep’s and hence the name.  they have high concentration power and matching with that is their intelligence.


Dobermans are worldwide famous for their assertive, loyal nature. They are the most fearless among all the breeds and this very quality makes them the most used breed of dogs by military. Their intense love for work and unlimited stamina ranks them as one of the top 10 best guard and trained dogs. Their traits and behavior varies from region to region. Their dominant nature is the negative side of this breed. If they are given proper training they act as a very loyal and trusted pet dog too. Most of the Bollywood stars have adopted Doberman as their pets since ages. They can be vicious at times to protect their master.


Agile, athletic, tall makes the Australian shepherd dog one of the hardest working dogs around the world. It does not compromise with its speed and agility. They have great deal of stamina mixed with intelligence. But all these doesn’t stop this from being a lovable caring pet . the other traits that make it a very effective animal in defence purposes are its bold nature, alertness, confidence, smartness. The breed becomes frustrated if it is not allowed to exercise regularly. The adverse effects of poor training results in loosing of the loyalty. It doesn’t mix well with strangers but has a protective heart.



The work freak breed Border collie is at number 2 position in our list because of its love and passion for work. If it remains idle for a long gap it becomes unhappy. This trait gives rise to its destructive nature and so they are generally not preferred in homes. They are hungry for praise, companionship and intense exercise. They have high level of intelligence punched with agility, obedience. It is reserved in nature and is full of mental and physical energy combined with fitness.


The leaders are always fearless and courageous same is the case with German shepherd’s. Considered to be the best breed these dogs are nothing less than a lion when it  is on work. Extremely talented, witty and a strong sense of responsibility makes it one of the best guard dogs. They are great family dogs if trained and raised properly from a very tender age. Like the poodle’s they are also work freak and become frustrated if they remain idle. The intelligence and courageous nature make them the best search dogs.

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