Top 10 Cutest Sea Marine Animals

29 percent of the earth is land while the remaining 71 percent is the ocean, the home of marine life. A huge portion of life present on earth lives in the ocean. today marine life plays an important role in humans life. there is a huge variety of marine animals found in this marine ecosystem. this includes several microscopic species, birds, mammals, invertebrates, reptiles etc. marine animals are always considered as the most attractive species found on earth. several are considered as the human partner which may include, dolphins, penguins etc. Today marine life attracts most of the people of the world either it may be for there attractiveness or for adventure . So here are the world’s top 10 cutest marine or sea animals :

10 )Anemones fish








Anemone fish also named as clownish are from the family of Amphiprioninae. these fish are able to swim among the stinging tentacles without getting stung. they have shinning skin with protective slime coating there bodies, they develop these slime after they are born. these fishes are found in warmer water basically the pacific ocean. they feed on small invertebrates. they live at the bottom of the sea level. there largest size is 18 cm and smallest is 10 cm. they are basically found in orange, yellow or reddish color.

9) Dolphins








Dolphins are the sea mammals related somewhat to whales. there are around 80 species of dolphins. they are found through out the world in shallow seas. dolphins live in group and are social, there grouping can be even around 1000. they are carnivorous and feed on small fishes and squids. they have clean and soft skin, and these skin perform sensory organ for them. dolphins are compared to humans in several ways, they are intelligent and have a perfect communication skills in them.

8) Turtles









turtles are the reptiles which are categorized as a special bony shell on the back. turtles spend there lots of time living in water. they breathe from air so they come at the surface of water regularly. tortoises have short feets and are famous for slow moving. sea turtles are entirely aquatic and have flippers instead of feet. these feets can also be used as claws. they have a rigid beak. they use their jaw to cut out and chew food. the turtle known earliest was around 235 million years ago. so they are included in both living and extinct species. they can change there temperature according to the surrounding. they have high metabolism rate.

7) Polar bear








polar bear are found in the arctic circle. it is the world largest carnivore on land and also the largest among the bear. they are basically white in color and are known as distinct species. they are very dangerous, every year 100 of peoples are attacked by them. they basically live on the surface of the ice and are dependent on the fishes and seal found in those area. they are very sensitive when comes to there baby, if the female bear feels unsecure then they attack without thinking. they may weight upto 1500 pounds. it has an excellent sense of smell, which helps them in hunting. polar bear is the most common animal used in the movie industry in several cartoon serials too.

6) Baby harbour seal









They are simply known as common seal. harbour seal are found in the coastal water of Atlantic ocean, pacific ocean and north seas. they are an amazing sea animal and are considered very friendly to humans by many people and scientists. they have v shaped nostrils and they use there whiskers for hunting and sensing the enemies. seal are born on the land and within five hours they lead there way to the water. they are found in brown, gray or tan color  there maximum weight and height can be 132 kilogram and 6.1 ft.

5) Penguins








penguins are included in the  aquatic bird which can’t fly. they are basically found in the southern hemisphere. penguins spend half of there life in water and half on land. they are not only found in cold region but are also found in temperate climate. they are mostly found on the island and ice bergs around Antarctica. they depend on small fishes and squids living in the water. there are around 20 species of penguin found now a days. there average weight is 35 kg and height of around 3 ft. they are black and white in colour, to the front they are white and there back is black.

4) White Whale








they are the most common marine or sea mammal. they are also named as the beluga whale. they are found in the arctic and sub arctic region. they are basically found in groups. there group can be 4 to 10 members. they are highly skilled in hearing and based on the concept of echolocation. they are highly distinguishable from other species as they are entirely white or whitish grey in colour. they are able to change the shape of there head by soaking the air. they are too socializing animal as they are always found in groups.

3) Sea otter









a sea otter is a marine or sea mammal found on the coast of northern and eastern pacific ocean. they are around a weight of 20 to 40 kg. they have a thick and heavy fur on there body. they are found only in water as they can not walk on land. there are around 13 species of sea otter. they are said as the smallest marine or sea mammal. the best feature in them is that they can close there nostril and ear when they require. they have a schedule for every work they basically hunt in the morning and sleep in the mid day.

2) Jelly fish









jelly fish are the free swimming marine animals that contains a gelatinous umbrella like structure shaped bell and several tentacles. they use there tentacles to catch prey. they are found in every part of the world in the ocean from deep to the surface. they are colorful species and glow light. they have no brain. they just hunt on the basis of the touch. they have multiple eyes around 20 out of which two are used to seek color  there age is too short from an hour to few month depending on the species.

1) Star fish








They are also called as sea star. star fish are the most common mammal of the sea. they are found in several shades of color  there body surface determines there type and structure determines their characteristic. star fish move using water vascular system. star fish have a tube feet monitored by hydraulic system and they have their mouth in the center  they have a central disk and five arms. they have complex life cycle and can reproduce sexually and bi-sexually.

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