Top 10 Biggest and Amazing Animals on Earth

Humans are not the only living creatures on Earth that rules. When it comes to size, humans are nothing as compared to some of the largest mammals ever lived on Earth. When it comes to survival, size does matter therefore let’s check the top 10 amazing and largest mammals created by the Almighty creator.

Blue Whale

Blue whale is said to be the largest of all creatures which is a member of the Order Cetacea. This animal is said to have an average weight of 176 tons with a length of about 98 feet and can even reach more than 100 feet. The Blue Whales diet is mainly consists of Krill and is said to take on 40 million pieces in just one day. However, they eat depending on the season and migrate after.

Top 10 Biggest and Amazing Animals on Earth

African Elephant

African elephant is also one of the largest mammals to walk the Earth that has an average height of 12 feet and could weigh as much as 7,000 kg. In terms of its length, this creature can reach up to 24 feet.


Rhinos are considered to be already an endangered species. This animal is also one of the largest and the heaviest that could weigh as much as 4,500 kilos. Rhinos can reach a length of 13 feet. This creature is found to be heavy because of its horns, neck, hump and back. If you come to think of it, these parts are consists of bulky muscles which makes Rhinos very heavy.


Hippos are short yet heavy herbivorous creature to walk the earth. This animal has an average weight nearly 3,400 kilos that are mostly found in Africa. This is also one of the heaviest in the world. Hippos are said to be semi-aquatic creatures as they are able to adapt in rivers as well as freshwater lakes. Considered to be aggressive in nature and territorial.


Although this creature can often be found in zoos, some of which in captivity are not the largest of its species. This creature is said to weigh as much as 225 kilos which originates in the central part of Africa. It is reported that this creature is intelligent unfortunately its population is also endangered. This animal moves by using its knuckles and can cover short distances. This creature is said to be intelligent as it is capable of creating their own nests for sleeping and resting during day and night time. Its nests are mainly composed of branches of tress and leaves.


Only few have heard of what is a Gaur however this unpopular animal falls in the top 10 list. A Gaur is simply an Ox which originates from Malaysia and India. This animal can weigh as much as 1,600 kilos. Another popular name for the Gaur is Indian Bison. This is completely different from that of an American Bison as this specie is found in Southeast Asia. This animal eats plants in different variety. In the wild, this creature usually combats Leopards, Tiger and Crocs.


Giraffe is considered one of the largest mainly because of its physical structure having a very long neck. Its forelegs are also long enough making them one of the tallest creatures too. Giraffe’s can weigh maximum of 2,150 kilos. Fortunately, this animal loves eating leaves and vegetables rather than meat.

Polar Bear

Located in the Arctic Ocean, this creature may look cute and furry but is also considered as one of the fiercest. Polar bears eat meat and its male specie can weigh as much as 900 pounds. For its height, it can reach up to 8.5 feet. Polar bears are also considered to be marine mammals because of the fact that it spends most of its months in sea rather than on land. Its prey is mostly bearded seals. In terms of its hunting abilities, this family of bears uses the “Still Hunting” technique. They would usually wait for seals to pop out to breath in ice holes.

Siberian Tiger

Obviously, this tiger can only be found in Siberia. This is considered to be the largest of its tiger family that can weigh up to 300 kilos. This tiger has the capacity to grow up to 12 feet in length. It comes with different names such as the Amur tigers, Ussuri, Panthera and a lot more.

American Bison/Buffalo

The Buffalo also falls in the top 10 list because of its amazing and staggering weight of 1,250 kilos. This animal is commonly found in North America. Buffalos are now near to extinction because of man slaughter and hunting. In the past, this creature can just be seen roaming around in group of herds in grass lands. When it comes to looks, you can easily distinguish a Buffalo because of its shaggy and long coat which is in dark brown color.


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