Top 10 Best Birds to keep as Pets

Birds are one among the adorable species that people usually prefer to  keep as pets. But not all the birds are easy manageable and affordable to keep. So it is necessary to keep a check on the bird breed which you choose to keep as a pet. Here we have the list of top 10 birds, best to keep as pets.

10. Pionus

Pionus is a parrot with blue heads is considered to be the perfect pet. They remains quiet most of the time as they doesn’t scream. The bird has an amazing capability to learn words as well as their meanings as well. The bird does tendency to bite strangers. The bird is not very spontaneous and swift .He likes to grab attention, behaves quite well in public and usually lives alone. It is not expensive to keep this bird as they eat mix diet with soften vegetables. There are dome shaped cages which are specially designed for this bird whose size is approx. 19x24x33 which can easily accommodate swing toys which are required by the bird. The bird is very playful, loving and soft temper. It is not a difficult task to maintain this bird as it takes just 10minutes to prepare their meal

9. Quaker

The charming Quaker is a bird with a powerful personality as they are very good talkers. They are found in different variety of colours .The bird likes cheap toys like paper towel, toilet paper rolls and are also not a destructive as their toys lasts longer   which makes its maintenance inexpensive. They are attention seekers as they always try to be on people and let people realise their mood.

8. Amazon Parrots

Amazon parrots are classified to be the best birds because of their independent and heavy personality. They are found to loving and amiable in nature. They have an amazing quality of expressing themselves with the help of their body language. Their owners can easily predict their mood by their body language .these birds are very fussy and choosy in terms of their needs .Also they are very soft at nature and are also very talkative

7. Poicephalus 

Poicephalus parrots are considered as decent birds as they aren’t loud. They are actually tumblers so it becomes less difficult to train them. These birds are smaller in size and so it is easier to take a good care of them and also it hardly takes 20-25 min to feed them properly along with water and cleaning. They have man human characteristics like shyness and are very amiable and quickly form intimate bonds.

6. Macaws

Blue-and-gold macaws and Hahn’s macaws are the most popular macaws. The bird seems to be very notorious and noisy. They are quiet interactive and pleasant and so they talk very well. The best quality after being intelligent and sensible, which differ them out is their incredible mimicry skills. Feeding them consumes great part of the time .The bird can even be somewhat expensive because of their tarnished nature they tend to destroy toys many times .They also need a nice and big cages with built-in toys

5. Conures

Green-cheeked Conures is the most popular breed of Conures .Apart from the qualities such as gentle caring and lovely one thing which differentiates them is their loyalty. They are very non violent ,they remain in a systematic manner rather than messy. Because of their high grasping power and alertness they have  been tagged with the title of smart bird. They aren’t expensive either.

4. Cockatoos

Umbrella Cockatoos is the most popular bird here. Along with their lovely nature the bird is said to be very tricky in its movements .They usually have three movements, it plays catch, rolls on skates and also plays basketball. In spite having less  terminologies the bird talks a lot. These birds are expensive when it comes to the feeding part and also they are sometimes vicious

3. Budgerigars

The traits like bounciness, amiability and lovely nature of Budgerigars has placed them at third position, when classified among favourites. Unlike others these birds are also very manageable as they are easy to maintain and the expenditure aspect is very economical. But the birds have other unique advantages too. These birds have an adorable talking quality, they talk in a charming way and are also very energetic .Their size is very appreciable and so any house can afford to keep them and also these birds are non violent  and friendly. These birds likes to dance and play with ladder and toys in the cage.

2. The African Grey Parrots

The African grey parrots, because of their compassion, aptitude and calm nature has grabbed the second position in the list of favourite pets. The initial expenditure for the bird can be remarkable but the maintaining cost is much less than expected.  The best trait apart from being affectionate and caring, which stands out in the bird is its size which is neither too large and nor to small.

1. Cockteils

According to the stats Cocktiels has considered to be the best pet as the bird is very charming and delightful. These birds are known for their affection and care towards their owners. The fact that makes people to keep this bird is that these birds are consumes less time for care and are economical as the stuff which is used in feeding them is quite cheap, so it becomes easy to uphold these birds, even the size of the cage required for the bird is also very manageable. These birds can be considered expensive in one aspect, when the thing comes to regular veterinary check- ups.


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