Top 10 Beautiful Birds on Earth

We’ve seen dozens of birds in different areas of the world and some are part of our day to day lives. Birds usually seen flying around in the cities are not that attractive looking so people doesn’t really care knowing what kind of birds are they. However, in some parts of the world there are birds that are seldom seen and people would love to see most of the time if possible because of its beautiful colors and look. What are they? Here are the top the 10 beautiful birds on Earth.


Peacocks are usually seen in zoos and other wildlife conservatory places. This is one of the most beautiful birds on Earth and that is obviously because of its amazing colors and fan like tail feathers that it usually used in courtship!

Bohemian Waxwing

Bohemian Waxwing

This bird can be found in the dense forests of North America and Eurasia. This bird is considered beautiful because of its simple yet enchanting buff-grey plumage, its face is marked in black marking covering its eyes and a very pointed crest. It looks shiny as though you want to touch it. Simple yet stunning.

Male Mandarin Duck

This is a medium sized duck that is found in East Asia. The male mandarin is definitely a good looking bird; it comes with beautiful brown color, red, white and purple combination unlike its female specie. The male mandarin duck comes with a striking white color crescent over its eyes; its breast comes in purple shade and a lot of other colors going on. Truly a beautiful sight to see.

Scarlet Macaw

Popularly known as a parrot, Scarlet Macaw comes with colorful feathers in red, blue, yellow and white combination. This is usually found in the tropical forests of South America, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Bolivia and Venezuela.

Rainbow Lorikeet

Parrot specie similar to Scarlet Macaw is the Rainbow Lorikeet. However, this bird is a native of Australia and Indonesia. The colors are almost the same and the only difference between the Rainbow Lorikeet and the Scarlet Macaw is its size.

Blue Jay

Blue Jay

Originated from North America, this bird is covered with blue and white feathers. Blue dominates its wings however white feathers mostly covers its breast or chest and under parts.

Blue Bird of Paradise

Bird of paradise in blue color! According to few ornithologists, this bird species is considered to be the loveliest of all existing birds. It comes in bluish white bill with wings in bright blue color, this is why it is called the Blue bird of paradise.

Broad-Billed Hummingbird

One of the most beautiful birds on Earth is this metallic green humming bird with its tail covered with white feathers while its throat is colored in deep blue shade. Imagine the color combination, so attractive and beautiful.

Gouldian Finch

An endemic bird of Australia, this comes in a colorful feathers that is dominated by green, black, yellow, red and purple colors. The male specie is more colorful as compared to its female specie.

Paradise Tanager

This bird has a medium size built and comes in multi color consisting of sky blue, light green, yellow, and red. A small bird that measures about 13.5 to 15 cm only yet its features are so striking and magnificent.

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