Top 10 Best Scooty’s for Girls India

Scooty is the passion of girls in this present time but the choice is different person to person. So here we present the Top 10 scootys which are preferred by girls and make them trendy and easy to ride.

So there are so many scootys available in the market but these are best in all. But preferences are depended on the income, need, design, brand, color and combination. And these all provides all type of range , color, design and price. So what’s your choice?? It is difficult to identify but this collection give a little view to select your best one without thinking more.

10. Piaggio vespa

Piaggio vespa was manufactured by Piaggio & 1946. This stylish scooty launched in Indian market with the collaboration of  Bajaj Auto. It came in two sizes smallframe and largeframe. Its engine capacity is 125cc. This is used in a Hollywood movie  ‘Roman holiday’. It provides all the features and look, quality and style. It’s price ranged between Rs. 62,000-63,000. This is such a stylish traditional model.

9. Suzuki Swish

Suzuki Swish is a Japanese Two wheeler product which cover a new trendy look which attracts the consumers. It pulls the younger buyers by its design , look and comfort. it provide comfortable seat which helps in easy ride. It’s range hanging between Rs. 46,000-50,000 depending upon state, city and location. It has 125cc motor and 89 Nm unwind torque. It provide 2 tone color without adding extra charges.


8. Kinetic flyte

Kinetic flyte is introduced by Mahindra. This is Indo-Taiwani creation. Flyte has so many features which are favorable. It provide 125cc scooter with front fueling. The fuel tank capacity is 5 lt. It has 4 stroke 8 bph engine1 and 80 kmph speed and this is vibration free at all speed. It also provide 2 year warranty and negotiable price. This scooty used in the Amir Khan movie ‘3 idiots’.  It is a internationally benchmark quality product. It’s price ranged between rs. 43,000-45,000.


7. Suzuki Access

Suzuki Access is also the product of Suzuki. It has a 125cc engine which provides zippy performance and it is for  metro sexual with various accessories which makes it more trendy and attractive. It is priced at rs. 44850. It give little noise at every level of speed. It is available in many color and has 109 kg weight. It is very comfortable in ride because of its seat. The price of this scooter is Rs. 42,800-43500.


6. Honda Dio

Mahindra Dio has a different looks and very popular in youngsters. This provide 109cc motor and engine cooling system. The new feature in it is its Combined Brakes System which enhance safety because safety is the big issue in riding. Dio is available in various colors like Red, Gray, White, green etc. And this is available in reasonable price Rs. 42500-43000.


5. TVS Scooty Streak

TVS Scooty Streak was come in India in January 2009. Sania Mirza is signed for the ad who is the younger tennis achiever. It’s engine has 4 stroke with 87.88cc displacement. It is very good for girls because it’s weight is low and looks pretty. Streak colors are amazing which attracts the consumers. It’s priced 35,800 all over the India. TVS launched it To capture urban market.


4. Mahindra Rodeo

This scooty give a huge challenge to other brands and cover a great market share. Mahindra Rodeo has a Powerful engine which have 4 stroke with 124.6cc displacement. It is for girls and boys both because of its trendy color and combination. its price rangs between Rs. 48,500-50,300 depending upon country, city, state. It’s price is higher than Mahindra Dio but there is some addional features also.


3. Hero Honda Pleasure

Hero Honda Pleasure is very popular these days. The most attractive part is the advertisement and some tag lines. Apart from this come to the features, it has a exiting body with less turning radius and 100cc powerful engine and the tank capacity of this  is 5 ltrs. This is very popular in girls because of its light weight and smarty looks. It is available in 9 colors. it is available at the rate ranging between Rs. 42,000 to 52,000 depending on ex-showroom and On-road price and also depend on city.


2. TVS Scooty Pep Plus


Scooty pep plus  is the product of  TVS.  This is one of the preferable scooty in all type of scootys. In this time girls prefer it so much because of its colours and design. It is easy to ride and have various features which provide comforts. It has 87.8cc engine and 87.8cc displacement. It provides a less weight body with smoothing colors which attracts the girls most. But it’s capacity is low this is the weak point in this. But scooty pep plus come with a revolution a teach the scootygiri.


1. Honda Activa

Honda Activa is the largest market player. It covers most of the area because it covers all the segment male and female both in every age. This time this company sell too much and also very much popular and also demanded. It gives a perfact design, color, average and technology. It’s engine capacity is 102 cc and it provides 52.2 kmpl average. It’s price ranging between Rs. 43,000-44,000. It is the best seller scooter segment. In the present time every single boy and girls demands it.



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