Top 10 Freelancing Websites

Since the days the internet started to become a necessity in the average home, the freelancing business has been in the works. Even today the number of programmers, writers and designers who earn money online while working from home are increasing.

Below is a list of websites where you can use your skills to earn money.


10. Logo My Way

If you specialize in the creating of logos for websites, then this is the place for you to go and make a few bucks out of your skills. You have no idea how many companies are out there looking for a decent logo for their sites.

9.Go Freelance

This is a miscellaneous website where all types of online work such as programming, social media marketing, online advertising, proofreading and content writing are paid for.


This is the place if you have programming, scripting and web designing skills. Though this site is primarily for coders, there are also some projects available for content writers.

7.Freelance Switch

This one is known for good relationships between workers and clients. You can use your expertise in different fields to earn money from this site.

6. People per Hour

This site started out in 2008, when most of the other freelancing sites were well in their prime. Being one of the youngest freelancing sites, People per Hour did right what the other sites did wrong and were the first site to introduce the “milestone” concept among freelancing sites. Coders, writers and graphic designers earn money regularly using this site.

5. 99 Designs

Specifically made for graphic designers, 99 designs is the place where digital artists go to make some cash out of their skills. However, you must be really confident of your skills to work on this site because you would be competing with other people and the buyer would choose one or none design and only those picked will be paid.


4. oDesk

One of the few freelancing sites with a somewhat professional approach. The jobs are advertised like real permanent jobs and everyone has a resume, and a cover letter must be written when applying to a new job.

3. Elance

Quite similar to oDesk, Elance charges a comparatively low fee for its services. The downside of this site, however, is that you must have a verified PayPal account or a credit card. In some countries where a large number of Freelancers originate, privileges like a credit card or a PayPal account are not that easily accessible.

2. Guru

This site has one of the best payment systems but the number of users registered on this site does not quite dictate that fact. That number is 10 times smaller than that of Freelancer, which happens to be at the last entry in this top ten list.

1. Freelancer

This is the arguably the largest online marketplace where jobs are available for practically every single skill that can be made use of through the internet. The number of projects are high and the prices are good too. However, it might prove to be hard to grapple with the high competition that this site poses.

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