Top 10 Creative Ways to Raise Money for Charity

Charity is the best thing that one can do. You can increase the fund for charity by many ways. Charity not only helps in fulfilling basic necessity  fir the poor people but also gives them a better and a happy life. Collecting charity for non-profit organization helps in raising the standard of that organization and protecting them from bad evils. Collecting charity also helps people as the organization offers different items at much cheaper and economical prizes which can be afforded by a middle class people.

Here are the top 10 ways to raise money for charity:

10. Candle Bags

Candle bags are very useful things. They can be used in decorating houses and can be used in many occasions like Diwali, id and Dusherra. Most of the Candle bags company helps the charity organization and provide bags at the cheaper rate. This product can be used in dinner table decoration. Some company also write love quotes on these candle bags and sell them to market. The bags with quotations on different festivals, animals are great in trend. So this idea of inexpensive candle bags could help you in getting money and raising money for charity.

9. Selling cakes and Biscuits

Selling homemade cakes and biscuits can help you in raising your charity. You can sell cookies with toping of chocolate pudding, cakes  and sugar cookies can bring profit to your organization. You can also sell special cakes, festival cakes, anniversary cakes in the market and can earn huge profit. You just need to find a kid volunteers, youth volunteers that will help in selling your cookies and cakes at any of your other fundraisers. You can also take the orders  at large level with will help in doubling your profit.

8. Greeting Cards

Making greeting cards of occasion like festivals like Diwali, Dusherra, Basant and on New Year can help in raising your money for charity. You can also sell these cards in local market, schools, colleges and can earn huge amount of profit. You can mark the logo of your charity organization  and can write your motive. This will help in increasing the population of your institution. You can also make hand made crafts and you can sell it through online shopping website like esty.

7. Online Auctions

Auctions has become a very popular culture. You just need items and a online Auction website like ebay and quicker. You just need to collect all the items that you want to sell through the website. You can collect these items from different organization and people. Once you get the best items you can place it on the website and can run the auction process. If your profit percentage goes high you can continue your Auction process and can raise money for charity.

6. Car Wash

Washing Car is the most easiest way by which you can raise your money for charity. All you just need is to find a college or a school youth volunteers who can wash cars randomly. You can just go to any parking lounge, churches and can start your work. If you want to raise your charity all you need to do is wash car perfectly,  so that you can earn a tip.

5. Making a City Pass Coupon Book

If you live in a metropolitan city or a big city all you just need to do is to make a coupon book . The book contains discount coupons of the favorite places of your town along with discount coupons. This will help in attracting both the tourists and the people of that city. The coupons offers many discounts oh hotels, resorts, water parks, amusement parks that also help the tourists in locating these places.

4.  Item Exchange

Item Exchange method in which you can exchange the your item in case of donation. You can display your items in exhibition of schools or in any college. The items which you will display cab be brought from whole sale market and can sell at much higher prices. This is great method for increasing the money for fund but it also need the prior investment.

3. Magazines

Magazines are also best way for raising money for the charity. You can issue articles in any of the magazines like articles related to technology, fashion, arts and science and jokes and you can charge few pounds per article. You can also contact a local newspaper if they like to publish any of your articles for few pounds. You can also spot advertisement if you want to advertise your charity organization in newspaper.

2. Raffles

Raffles can also help in raising money for your charity. They can bring a crowd. If you offer raffles on the latest item that has gained very popularity like iPhone, latest designers outfits . They can be offer in crowd or can be given along with a commodity that will definitely help in raising money for charity. You can also give tickets for raffles. This will be a great profit deal if you sell raffles who buy a large amount of tickets

1.Posting ads

You can also post ads on a leading newspaper and magazines about your charity organization. This will definitely help you in raising money for charity. You can choose and block of newspaper and make it very attractive by using crayons and poster colors that will attract people.


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