Top 10 Biggest Shopping Malls In India

As the trend of shopping is increasing day by day and as there are more and more clothing and different accessories brands are coming in the market the number of malls to accommodate all of them in one place is increasing in India. There have been so many mall built all over the metro cities that it is not possible to accommodate more mall in the city.

All over India the construction process of many mall is going faster in recent years. The most promising cities for building a mall are now Kochi, Gurgoan and Varanasi. So here we have the list of the top 10 shopping malls that are the biggest and largest malls in India.

10) Neptune Magnet Mall, Bhandup, Mumbai 

Yet another mall built in the Mumbai is Neptune Magnet mall and comes on tenth position in the list. The mall was opened in the year 2011 but it is still under construction and the construction work is estimated to be finished by mid 2012. It has 6 tower with 22 stories in each tower. there is a centre for family entertainment, GLEOTST. The mall is build by Neptune Group. The total floor area of the mall is 1,056,000 square feet.


9) AlphaOne Mall, Ahmedabad

Alphaone mall is situated near Vastrapur lake, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad. the mall can be accessed from all the sides. The main aim behind building this mall was to create a place that houses all entertainment facilities at a single place. The mall is built on 1.2 million square feet area. The mall opened its gate for the crowd on 15 October in the year 2011. It is among the largest mixed used city mall built in Ahmedabad. It is constructed by Alpha G Corp Development Pvt Ltd. Rs 360 crores were invested in the construction of this grand mall. The mall comprises of a five star hotel – Ista hotel.


8) Select Citywalk Mall, Delhi

Select Citywalk was built in the year 2007 in Delhi. It is situated in Saket, Delhi. It has a total floor area of about 1, 300,00 square feet. The mall has many international and Indian branded shops, multiples, many offices and even the mall houses resident apartments. The mall was built by Select Infrastructure. The mall has three zones that are Celebration, High voltage and Staple Tradition. The mall in cooperates a food court which is 10,000 square feet big. On weekends the mall gets overcrowded with people of all age groups.

7) DB City, Bhopal

DB city mall is run by contributory money given by Dainik Bhaskar group. the mall is situated in Maharana Pratap nagar in Bhopal. This mall is the largest mall in central India built in Bhopal. It has six levels of shopping and was built in the year 2010. It has about 180 showrooms of both international and Indian brands. If you feel hungry while shopping don’t worry much the mall accommodates a food court to get you energized again for shopping. For entertainment purpose the mall has a multiplex with six screens. The total floor area of this mall is around 1,350,000 square feet.


6) Express Avenue, Chennai

Express Avenue is built near Royapettah in Chennai. It is built by Express infrastructure. the total floor area of the mall is around 1,500,000 square feet. This mall is the biggest mall in South Asia. It houses the biggest gaming arcade in South Asia. The mall houses a hotel, offices and retail space on four floors. The mall will offer you a good destination for shopping, Business and leisure activities. the hotel built inside the mall is a four star hotel having 50 rooms.

5) Metro Junction Mall, Kalyan

Metro Junction Mall was opened with a very big blast and is built in Kalyan, Mumbai. The mall houses high number of international brands. It was inaugurated in April in the year 2008.. On weekends or on holidays the crowd in the mall reaches around 125,000 people. It houses an open auditorium built on the first floor. For the ease of people the mall has many entry and exit gates. It also accommodates a food court built on the top floor. The total Floor area of the mall is 1,500,000 square feet.

4) Felix Square, Lucknow

Felix Square Mall is the biggest mall built in Uttar Pradesh and is built by Ansal API. This fourth largest mall was built in the year 2010. This mall is a ery classy mall and it aims at changing the culture of shopping and the idea of shopping all around Uttar Pradesh. The mall has beautiful glass and stone work. It has wide corridors and is centrally air conditioned mall.It is built keeping in mind the vastu shastra and it is a very Eco friendly mall. The mall houses a food court build on the seventh floor.  The mall has 11 stories. The mall has a total Floor area of about 1,600,000 square feet.

3) High Street Phoenix, Mumbai

The third largest mall High Street complex was opened in the year 2008. The mall houses every kind of shops from international branded shops and Indian branded shops. The mall accommodates Palladium which is a luxurious shopping mall which contains high class and exclusive brands. It has a total floor are of around 3,300,000 square feet but its gross leasable area is much lesser as compared to Mantri Square Mall.

2) Mantri Square Mall, Bangalore

The second largest shopping mall built in India is Mantri Square Mall which is located in Malleswaram locality in  Bangalore. It opened its gate in the year 2010.  It has one multiplex hall accommodated in it which is run by Ionex cinema. There are about 250 branded showrooms in the mall. Now a day the mall is basically used for organizing business meetings and other events. Many contests are also organized within the mall to attract the public in the mall. the mall provides you many services and facilities like wheel chair, children plat area, Wi-Fi, Ambulance, First aid, Car cleaning, Laundary, shoe repair, Birthday party organisers and many more services The total floor area accounts to be around 1,700,000 square feet.

1) Phoenix Market City, Mumbai

Phoenix Market City is the biggest mall in India as well as in entire Asia. It was opened in the year 2011 and the area on which it is built is 2,000,000 square feet. It is recently built mall with the construction work is still in progress. It is situated in suburb parts of Kurla, Mumbai. It is estimated to accommodate 600 stores, at least 20 restaurants and 14 multiplex screens. The shop is a final stop for all kinds of shopping activities. You will find every kind of national as well as international brand all at one place. You can find every kind of stuff here from clothing to grocery shopping too. It accommodates more than 330 brands of clothes, foot wares, fashion jewelry, entertainment and lots more.

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