Top 10 Biggest Corporate Logo Fails

It is the company logo that gives a company certain exposure and due to which they are known throughout the world. But many a times the effort to give a nice meaningful logo has been unsuccessful and has rather resulted into disasters. These logos here that we are going to talk about have been highly criticized by the people around the world. Many a times they have been said to be logo with double meanings and moreover the world is full of critics who do not take much time in criticizing any work that they don’t like. So here we have the list of the top ten biggest corporate logo which have failed and these logos have rather been turned into a nightmare for the corporates.

10. Sun Rise Sushi

One of the Japanese tea hose in fact launched this idiotic logo as their corporate symbol justifying the logo as to be the sun which is rising behind the tea house. This logo is one the biggest failure world has ever seen and so it is at the number tenth spot in our list of the top ten biggest corporate logo fails. No people other than the designer and the tea house official were able to understand the concept behind this highly criticized logo. Many people termed this logo as a cartoon representation of the sex act that is happening between two partners.

9. Mont-Sat

This is another biggest corporate logo fail that we have in our list. One of the cable services provided though to go out of the league and have a logo which symbolizes its work. They designed an antenna which was having the concept of digital marketing. But this in turn happened to be the biggest wrong decision that the company had made. Their logo was highly disapproved. Some said that the antenna which is in the logo looks to be in the jolly mood which a very bad posture.

8. Locum

Locum is a property management company based in the country of Sweden. The designer of the logo of this management company wanted to give some unique design to this logo which he was designing. His effort later turned out to be a nightmare when people started to derive another meaning from the letter which was present of the company’s logo. People started to read Locum as “I Love Cum”, which was quite embarrassing for the famous property management company of Sweden. No one would have imagined when the logo was going through the designing phase that this will be one of the biggest logo fail in the history that ever happened to any corporate firm.

7. The Texas Longhorns

The Texas Longhorn is another controversial and failed logo which we have in our list. This logo is one of those logo designs that resemble to the female reproductive organ and so people made a lot of fun of it. This is one of that logo which was highly criticized and disapproved by a vast section of the people living in the society.

6. Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams is a corporate house from the United States whose logo too was highly discarded by a large number of people. This corporate house was formed by Edward Williams and Henry Sherwin in the year 1866. In an attempt to give a unique touch to their logo, the designer in turn created a much controversial logo. This paint and coating company of United States launched this logo with a view of coating and painting the world with the red colour of this famous paint manufacturing company. The logo in turn appeared to be a disaster.

5. Doughboys

Doughboys are a well-known bakery which is based in Los Angeles, United States. They are one of the leading bakeries in Los Angeles that sells baked breads, desserts and other bakery items. In an attempt to create a brand that can give them recognition throughout the United States, they launched their logo with much hype all around. But the critics and other people disapproved it and even said that the bakers got a little more creative which was really not at all required.

4. Microsoft

This new logo of the Microsoft Corporation which has been launched with the much hyped windows 8 is a total disaster. Almost everyone who have seen this new Microsoft logo have criticized it. The earlier logo which the computer giant had was much more stylish and elegant. The rectangular boxes which are now part of the newly launched logo only adds to the disaster. They look very shabby and horrible. Changing their logo to this one is a totally wrong step that has been ever taken by this huge corporate house. Every people who watch this new Microsoft logo compares it with the logo the company had prior to this logo release and finds it a total unwanted change.

3. Olympic Logo of London 2012

The number third spot in our list is for the 2012 London Olympics logo which was the official logo of this prestigious game which is held every four years to find the best athlete in many fields. This logo was selected by the jury from a very set of logos that were designed by the leading designers all over the world. More interestingly this 2012 London Olympics logo the organisers of the game had to pay a whopping £400,000 which is said to be worst step that was taken by the organizing team. People compared this logo with many things and even said that this logo looks like a kind of comical sex that is happening between The Simpsons. Some others were in the opinion that the logo is not unique not looks like a swastika symbol. In the end this logo of 2012 London Olympics logo is another failed logo.

2. Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission

Although the designer who designed this logo for the Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission did not had any bad intention in his mind while he was designing the logo, this logo of a spiritual youth commission is among the worst corporate logo fails that has ever happened. This logo which was designed for the Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission was the actual official logo of this youth commission designed in the year 1973. More interesting is to know that this logo was even awarded as the best logo by the Art Directors Club which was based in the Los Angeles. But people did not appreciate this logo much and in fact this logo became more famous because of the double meaning which people took out.

1. A-Style

The number one spot in our list of the worst logo fails is for the Italian cloth manufacturing corporate house named as A-Style. This corporate house launched this highly disapproved logo into the media to promote their clothing brand even before the actual launch of the cloths. The logo for this cloth manufacturer firm was designed by the designer named as Marco in the year 1991. The company did a lot of publicity for their logo and only got disapproval in return. Many said that this logo is not appropriate and founded double meaning from this logo. Some even called this logo as a Doggy Style sex cartoon. This is surly one of the worst logo that ever happened to any corporate firm.

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