10 Things to Donate to Needy this New Year

For some New Year means another occasion to party hard, another year to enjoy. You are planning your New Year’s bash with all the things possible to make it a grand affair. But are you unaware of the fact that for many of the people around the country a New Year just means another year they have to suffer with scarcity of things. Many of them will be struggling to get the things of their needs when you will be partying at midnight. While planning New Year this year why not add some goodness to the planning? Won’t it be a good idea to save some from the party arrangements and help that amount to gift to the needy this year? There are many things you can donate this New Year to give a new life to some people. So, don’t be selfish and do some good this New Year. Apart from partying and welcoming the New Year with huge pomp and show give a new hope to the needy people. Goodness never goes in vain you will always get something in return. Their blessings are of course top on the list. And you must have come across the saying that “god always helps those who help others”. So let the goodness inside you show this New Year. Help the needy.

Here we are listing 10 things to distribute so as to spread happiness this new year:

10. Your time


Many of the people around don’t need anything much but your little time. There are many people living in old age homes, orphanages or one of the Cheshire units. They live isolated from the world, there is rarely anyone to talk to them. If you take a New Year resolution to meet these people once in a week for just an hour, there is nothing more they will ask from you. This will be the best gift for them this New Year. So distribute some happiness this New Year.

9. Bedding


When you are sleeping in your cosy beds with heavy blankets in your bed, many of the people around don’t have a bed sheet to cover their bodies. You can’t do much about everyone. But check out your store room, surely you’ll be able to help few of them. Take out your old bedding and blankets and help few of the needy. This is something which will save a few of the people dying in the freezing cold. Cover them up sleep a satisfactory nap.

8. Medicines


There are many people around who die because of lack of supply of medicines. If not die, increase their ailment at least. They don’t have money to buy medicines. You can help them by donating medicines to the charitable around. These charitable will help you distribute the medicines further to the needy people. But make sure that the charitable are genuine enough not to sell the medicines further. Keep a check that your good work is really doing well to people because not everyone around is nice enough.

7. Books and stationary


You are educated enough to know the value of education. Can you imagine the situation when a lot of children are growing without education because they can’t afford books and stationary? You surely have many of the books stored in your store room and a whole lot of half empty notebooks. How long are they going to rot there? You know it can help a lot of people to grow, to become educated. This New Year collect all the books and stationary from your building which can be of some help to the needy children. The happiness you will be distributing is worth more you can think off.

6. Kitchen ware


Where does your old kitchen ware go to? Dustbin? You know many of the needy people around don’t have single plates to eat their scarce food. What you can do is donate the old utensils and other kitchenware to the needy people. While you are shopping for the all new modular kitchen the old stuff can do a lot to the people around with little or no kitchen ware.

5. Blood


If you visit a hospital you will come across many of the families running around for a unit of blood to save their near and dear ones lives. This is something even money can’t buy. You may have come across many myths that donating bloods leads to weakness and all. These are all myths. Donating blood is a healthy activity, it does not cause any harm to your body. So, make this healthy habit this New Year of donating blood every three months. You don’t have an idea how many people you can help with the blood you are donating as the different components of blood can help various people at the same time.

4. Money

dollar and Donation Box

This is indeed the most essential thing today. If you have money you have everything, if you don’t have money you probably have nothing. You know so many people around don’t have money to afford the most needed things for living. Money is something which can help them to get the things of their utmost needs. So, you can donate raw money to the needy this year.

3. Shelter


You are well aware of the winters in your city. While you sleep in the controlled temperature in your rooms, with heaters all around, many people sleep in the open because they have nowhere to go to. You with the help of some of the NGO’s around the city can help many of the homeless people to have a roof above them during the winter nights. You can make temporary shelters for them to save them from the winters outside. This will help many of the people from dying of the winters.

2. Clothes


Clothing is one the basic needs of a human. You have a wardrobe full of it because you don’t like repeating your clothes many times. You always have something new to wear for every party. You know many of the people have only one single pair of trousers to wear the whole year? That too torn and tattered and stitched so many times. Take a step of goodness this New Year; empty your wardrobe of the old clothes which you no more wear and help the needy with those clothes. Donate your old clothes and help them cover their bodies. You can do at least this much to help the needy.

1. Food


Food is a basic thing to live. Everyone needs food to be alive. There are many people around who can hardly afford a single meal when you are wasting a whole lot of food in your New Year party. You can do one thing, instead of throwing a party for the rich class; distribute food among the poor classes. You can also distribute the food which is left at your New Year party.

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