10 Most Common Reason why People are Fired from Job

If you are working in the private sector, which most of the population does today, you have every chance to get thrown from your job and it may happen that you think you are fired without any apparent reason. Well, if it is so, think again, nothing happens without a reason. There are so many reasons you can be fired from your job, may be not all of the reasons are very strong but there are many reasons strong enough to make you walk out of your office. If you do not want to be one of them there are few things you need to keep in mind that why are people thrown out of their jobs? So, mentioned below are the top ten reasons why people are thrown out of their jobs. Have a look and make sure you are not practicing any of these to ensure your position at your workplace. Here we go:

10. The late comer

From your school days you are being taught to be punctual. But have you ever wondered why they forced to it so much? May be to save you from being fired from your job in the future? Nah? Yes, we are not kidding. It is one of the reasons you can get fired from the job. Not many of the companies prefer a late comer. Yes they do penalize you by charging a sum of your salary but that’s not enough every time. If you are late every now and then you have a fair chance of being fired from your job. So better set your alarm a little earlier.

9. Always gossiping

All work and no play make jack a dull boy. That’s true but if you are playing and gossiping around during office hours you probably aren’t a good enough employee to be preserved by the firm. If you keep gossiping around it not only involves your time but your co-workers time as well which is not at all acceptable by the employer. You are involving others in the gossip and the work suffers. So save your talks for the lunch time or after work to get saved from thrown out of the company.

8. The misbehaving one

Are you angry about the fight you had with your wife in the morning? Well, better keep that anger inside you until office hours get over because your co-workers are not here to bear your anger. And it can even get you fired from the job. Everybody around you has some issues in their lives but they can’t always show it around and shout at people. Also flirting with your co-workers is a big no. If one of them complaints about you to the management you are fired for sure because this is not tolerable at all in the present scenario.

7. Stealing office property

Stealing is a sin. Even if you are stealing office stationary there’s no other word invented to it but stealing. Be it small or big things if you are taking your office property home without prior permission you are stealing it. Don’t take it as lightly as it seems, if the management comes to know about it, it’s a serious threat to your job. Now a day’s hardly any office is without cameras and you are continuous under camera surveillance while on job so if you think you would not be caught you are mistaken. Don’t risk your job fir these petty thefts, it affects your reputation in the firm as well.

6. Drunk at work

A drunkard is preferred nowhere. In the bars may be, but nowhere else. Even at your home you can be made to sleep in the sofa if you are drunk. Office is no exception. Moreover it’s strictly prohibited. Office is a sophisticated place and a workplace is meant to maintain decorum. If you are drunk at work no one around is going to like it and it’s not tolerable. Most probably you they are going to complaint it to the boss as the females can see your behaviour as a threat.

5. Always on leave

If you are on leave every now and then enjoying at home or going out completely forgetting your responsibilities towards the company, the company may pay back by firing you from your job. They appointed you for some designated work and if you are always on leave, they are going to replace you soon. So next time you feel like escaping under your blanket for the whole day, think again you can risk your job for a day in the blanket.

4. Doing personal work during work hours

When you are sitting at your office table you know well why you are being paid for. You are definitely not paid for sitting comfortably in the air conditioned office and enjoying free calls from your office. So making long personal calls all throughout the day is one of the reasons you can get fired from the work. Also, instead of using the computer and internet for personal uses is a strict no. If you think you would not be caught you are mistaken. They have all the records of the phone lines and internet surfing so if you want to save yourself from the trouble save your personal works for your home.

3. Stealing clients of the company

Stealing clients is one of the most unethical things in business. If you are working as an employee in a company and going on with some side business in the same field and using the company’s contacts to spread your business, it’s not as great as you think it to be. If the company comes to know about it which has a food probability, you are screwed. Not only you are fired from the job, it brings disgrace to you as well. So, even if you are in a business be ethical enough to manage both things honestly.

2. Back biting about the boss

Bitching about the boss is not as great an idea as it is considered by you. May be the person to whom you are bitching about the boss is the one who may go to the boss and open your chits. If the boss comes to know about what’s going around you are in trouble. The next step is most probably a good bye to the company.

1. Poor Performance

The company appointed you for some service which you are expected to provide to the company. After all you are being paid for it. Laziness is not acceptable at all. If you are appointed with some responsibilities you are supposed to do it in the right manner. If one day work is being done in a week or if you are unable to meet the deadlines, you have nothing to do in the company. The company will soon get a replacement of you if it goes on for long. Poor performance is not tolerable in any firm and the top reason for anyone to get fired from the company.


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