10 Closest & Most Loving Relations in the World

Your mother brings you to the world; as soon as you are born you are surrounded with so many lovely relations you will cherish lifetime. You are still in the cradle and hardly aware of the faces around you brightened up on your sight. But, you are already a son/daughter, a sister/brother, a grandchild, and many more. These are the faces with whom you are to spend your life, loving and caring for each other. You are already the heartbeat of some of these people and some of them will be yours, once you will start knowing them. What’s so strong in these relations that their absence will leave a void in your life?

From the very beginning you share a special bond with some of the people of your life and this bond continues to exist throughout your existence. You can’t and you do not want to imagine a life without them because you know; no matter what, they will be there, right beside you, always. Few of these relations are found at a later stage of life but their importance is no less. We are listing here some of the closest and most loving relations of the world. Which on bags the top of your list? Have a look:

10. Your pet

Woman Rubbing Noses with Puppy

This is not a human-human relationship, but they are indeed very close to you. Your day starts with a walk with your pet. You are worried when they are not around. You feel like taking them everywhere with you. They run to you as soon as you enter the house. You are just so used to your pet that you can not imagine your daily life without them.

9. Brother-in-law


This is one of the sweetest relations you get after marriage. A brother-in law is the one who respects you like a mother, who cares for you like a brother. He is the one who is always around making you laugh. He tells you all his secrets. You are the person he tells you first about his girlfriend. He is always there to help you, and will act as friend whenever you need one.

8. Uncle-niece/nephew


He’s the one you go to when you fail to explain something to your parents. You need something and your parents deny and are not ready for any explanations from you, then you know well what to do because you know he can be of some help. If he is elder than your parents he can even order them to listen to you or he will help you himself. Your parents are angry and you are going to get a good scolding, you just need to make sure of his presence and you are saved.

7. Cousins


Cousins are the person you grew up with. They were your friend always. You celebrate every festival together or you can say when all of you are together it seems like a festival. They love them just like your own brother and sisters. The childhood album is full of their pictures. Most of your childhood is spent with them, that creates a special bond with them.

6. Best Friend


This is not of your blood relations. You do not marry them. Nor are they legally bound to you. But, they definitely share some very special bond with you. It’s the person who knows darkest and funniest of your secrets. It’s the person you can tell everything, even the things which you cannot share with your parents or other persons in the family. It’s the person with whom you fight for the last piece of pizza, but you know in the heart that he won’t have it alone. He’s the person you are always found with, when not at home. Even at home if there are sounds of laughing echoes from your room, your regular guests know, it’s you and your ‘the’ best friend. It’s the person whom you can say is the sister/brother born to another mother.

5. Grandparents-grandchildren


This relation is of course very touchy. The grandparents who are living their second childhood, mix up so well with their grand children. Grandchildren are the heartbeats of the grandparents from the moment they are born. It’s a very touchy moment for them, as their children now have their own children. They love to the core of their hearts. They teach them the moral values of life. Now-a-days when most of the parents are working, grandparents are the one who spend more time with the children and make a person out of them. They teach them about life, about how the things go on. They answer every question asked by the children with sheer patience.

4. Husband-wife


This is one of the relations which you get at a later stage of life but indeed its one of the closest and loving relations as well. You get married and start a new life. Your spouse is the one who acts as an ‘all in one’ relations of your life. He/she cares for you, scolds you, guides you, loves you, protects you, pampers you and is beside you always. He/she is the one person whose shoulder you look to at the end of the day. He/she is the one you will live your whole life with.

3. Brother-sister


This is the sweetest relation of all. You fight till morning to evening for one thing or other, but at the end of the day you are just unable to be without him/her. You always take their stand and defend them whenever your parents scold them. Home is empty without your sibling; you have a bucketful of memories with them at every corner of the house and you are going to cherish them throughout your lifetime.

2. Father-child


Every time your mom said no to anything, you knew where to go. You know well that he cannot say no his princess. He scolds you for coming home late but then silently comes to you and tells you that he cares for you that is why he’s worried for you. He is the one you can ask for extra pocket money, you just need to extend your ‘please’ to a few seconds, and he melts the next moment. No matter how strict he is, he old he becomes, he will be your hero always. When you grow up, you are always going to tell your children how your father was and how he has managed to make you the person you are today.

1. Mother-child


She is indeed special. She is the one who brought you to this world, the one who can bear any pain to save you from one. She is the happiest person on the earth to see you succeed, and the one who supports you during your failure. May be you two do not spend a lot of together now but when did someone say you have to? Near or far, you are always close to her. She is the person you will look forward to, always.

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