Top 10 Ways to Impress a Girl

Falling in love is the most beautiful thing that anyone can feel. But finding a perfect girl is much difficult task. If you love a girl and want to impress her then you must  have all good qualities that a good girl looks in his perfect man. Impressing a girl is a very difficult task because despite of your many priceless efforts you can get a rejection.So, preparing yourself is an  important and a difficult task. But the 21 century guys think it is a very easy job, they all just wait for the valentine day for proposing a girl. But the truth is if a girl already likes you then  she might be noticing you from couple of days. So you need to impress her by having all good traits within you.

Here is the list of top 10 ways to impress a girl:

10. Be A Good Listener

You should act and behave as a good listener. Listen her feeling, emotions and thoughts with a great concentration. Give her a environment where she can share her feeling and promote her for new and good thing. Give her your shoulder when she is sad,listen the reason for her sadness with extra care and concentration and try to make her laugh. Listen to her very carefully and respond her  back with questions quickly to make her keep talking with you. These qualities are liked by girls very much.

9. Respect Her Friends

Whenever it comes to friends or colleagues girls show extra possessive about them. So respect her friends despite of the fact that her friend is of same or opposite sex. Promote her to spend time with her friends. You should treat her friends like your own friends and try to spend time with them also. Don’t show extra possessiveness when she is out with her friends. Don’t behave like insane if she spends extra time with her friends. Just talk with her about your felling which would be the best solution.

8. Don’t criticize her

Never criticize her for anything. Always promote her and build confidence in her that she can do anything she wants to. Even if the situation is very horrible, try to compliment her instead of criticizing her. If she had a shy and introvert nature then help her in building up the confidence. Girls loves those guys who always support them and pamper them. This is the best way to getting a yes from her side and impressing her.

7. Be Romantic, But not over the top

If you are dating with her from quite a long time and is planning to propose her, then give her a  bouquet of roses or sing a romantic poem for her. This will definitely add a perfect sweetness to your relation and will also help you in impressing her. You can also gift her a special thing like a romantic novel, teddy bear on a special day like on her birthday or the day when you saw her for first time. You can also take her to candle lite dinner on a very romantic spot. Never behave like a insane romantic lover as it can irritate her.

6. Respect and Admiration

Always have a healthy talk with her. Never show dis respect against girls and tries to admire girls and equality between girls and boys. Treat her with kindness and gentleness. Girls love guys having such good thoughts. Never dis respect the fact that girls has equal rights as that of Boys. Always respect and admire girls.

5. Be  interesting

If you having conversation with her for first time then prepare yourself with what you are going to talk with her. Don’t create a situation where you are not able to speak when you confront her. Have a intersecting talk with her , don’t make her bore or frustrated. Do something creative or something extraordinary that you have never done before to gain her attention. You should sound like a interesting and a good humor person so that she is left with no doubt in saying yes to you.

4. Don’t Ignore Her

Never try to ignore her. If she sends to a message on cell phone respond to her as she wants to have chat with you. Girls always want a special attention and care. Always make her feel special and important part of you life. If she ask for a date then  never show that you are busy with some thing. Take out some time for her. Plan a perfect lunch or dinner with her. It can help you a lot  in having a smooth and loving relation with her.

3.  Look At Her

If you are meeting for the first time then have a naughty and lovely look at her after every few seconds. This is the best way of telling a girl that you are interested in her. But be careful also, don’t start staring  at her it can irritate her and make her little arrogant. If a girl also respond you back in same way then you can assure a yes from her. Be courteous and do kind deeds with her.

2. Never Show off

Never try to show off in front of a girl about looks or your wealth. It can put a wrong impression on her. Try to be simple and the way you are. Girls always hate show off thing and especially guys who show off. Propose her in a simple way, she would definitely love it.

1. Be well-groomed

If you are going to approach a beautiful and attractive girl then it is necessary that you should have a cool and smart appearance. Shower before you come, brush your teeth and use a little deodorant. It can help you a lot in impressing a girl.

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