Top 10 Ways to Control Your Anger

Do you fuming when someone doesn’t act according to your expectation? Well, anger is pretty normal and sometimes healthy too but it is very important that you should deal with it in a constructive way. Here are a few tips that can help you control your anger.

10. Take a Break: Before you face any tense situation, take a few minutes to breathe deeply and count to 10. Slowing down the moment always help you get yourself in control and bring your conscious back. Take a break from the person who is fuming your anger or leave that frustrating situation for a minute.

9. Pass Your Concern:  When you are properly calmed make sure you state what worries you. When your head is clear of the frustration, assert your concern in a friendly way.

Top 10 tips to Control Anger

8. Work Out: Physical activity stimulates various chemicals in your brain that can help you relax and leave you in a better state than you were before. Playing sports or doing some other strenuous helps you relieve your frustration.

7. Gauge Your Words: When you are fuming with anger it is very likely that you utter words that you don’t mean. Think before you speak so that you don’t regret the consequences and make the second part do the same.

6. Avoid the Situation: Figure out what makes you most angry. Is it your friend’s utter nonsense or your spouse’s coming home late? In case of your friend, hear but not listen, think of it as a background noise and for your spouse, you can always dine late. Remember that anger is not the solution; it can only make things worse.

5. Use ‘I’: Remember that criticizing people can only leave things unresolved. When you are dissatisfied with anything, then go talk to the person and tell them ‘I am upset because of ____’. It might resolve your problem and it also makes you tension free of the criticism.

How to control anger

4. Leave It: It is humanly impossible for everyone to act according to your expectations. Letting off someone can always leave you in peace. So don’t allow you to get swallowed by the bitter feelings and forgive. It gives you and the other person to learn from the situation.

3. Joke About it: Making intense situation more intense with the bitters words and sarcasm will always lead to dire consequences. None of us want that, do we? So use your humor to lighten up the situation, make a joke about it and laugh. Taking grudges and criticism will worsen the situation and hey, life is too short to waste!

2. Yoga: Mediation or Yoga can always be helpful in keeping your nerves under control. Although it is very difficult to incorporate these things into your professional work but you can try relaxing skills. Repeat relaxing phrase like “easy east”, take a deep breath. Or think of a beautiful scene.

1. Look for Help: When you are very concerned about your anger, look out for help. It’s better to seek help regarding anger issues instead of regretting later for hurting people.

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