Top 10 Ways to Communicate Effectively & Leave a Positive Impression

Communication is counted to be the most basic key for a person to represent himself. The way of communication depicts your personality in every aspect. It explains the qualities of an individual. All people today work hard on their communication skills just in order to make their explaining skills more effective. This has become a great necessity for every one’s life today

One can work upon his/her communication skills and can improve their individuality.

Here are top ten ways to communicate:

10. Consider the feedback

While communicating you must take care of considering the feedback of the person you are talking to this will help you in communicating fully and in a proper manner too. When you get to communicate with good personalities and with many people  ask for their feedback and some suggestions so as to improve the communication. Take some time to speak to those who  use to communicate frequently with you in order  to find out how you can improve on your communication with them. You must not flunk the basic standards for communication. Improvement is the way to achieve best in you.

9.Eye Contact

Eyes is the best thing to showcase your confidence in your subject so eye contact is a must while you communicate. If you do not manage to make an eye contact then it forms a negative image. In this particular case when your unable to form an eye an contact, people will make an image in their mind that you are trying to hide yourself from their questions and queries. But do remember more of eye contact sometimes leads to other person think that you are staring at them. So try to keep changing your sight of view. Some communication experts recommend intervals of eye contact lasting four to five seconds.

8. Knowledge is must

If you are communicating with a crowd on any particular topic then one must have complete or maximum knowledge of the topic to his reach. Otherwise it could be a very shameful moment for the speaker as he might even don’t understand what the listener is asking for! You might have seen many public speakers sometimes don’t understand the queries, this happens with them because of lack of knowledge.


7. Sound interesting

This can also be depicted by Newton’s third law of motion If you sounds interested in someone’s communication and in their sayings then in return the other will also show interest in your part of saying. Many times this concept also follows in life this will work out in every case even in a situation when zilch works.

6. voice modulation

if no one is listening and not giving importance to you and on your topic then at that time this method may help you in a better way. You can attract the people by providing some variation in your pitch or voice so that they can guess that you are saying something more different than others. This also helps in regaining your loosed confidence and once again with a boosting confidence you can start sharing your thoughts.

5. Content should be impressive

While sharing your thoughts with others try to take 2 seconds pause and give more emphases on your topic if, you feel that it is something of more worth. So that others can also think over it. This also shows that you hold good sense of speaking. By doing this you will get more attention in audience mind and they will feel that you are a good speaker and have good communication skills.

4. Being well mannered matters

Always start your conversation with a sweet and warm greeting (in formal cases). Follow up with your conversation and never lose your patience especially in public speaking it shows your behavior. Everyone knows a good natured person is always welcomed by heart. Talking in a gentlemen way shows your one of the good communication technique.

3.  Body language

 It’s a fact- when you communicate in front of many people, more than your words your body speaks a lot. Let us suppose even if we are listening to any personality more than their words we understand their feelings just because of their body language. It includes your way of expressing thoughts, way of standing, your attire and yes of course a smiling face helps a lot. Many times neither your words nor your degree helps you but so many times your body language says everything about you. Also it creates a good impression in viewer’s mind. As first impression is said to be the last impression.

2.  Be clear in your aspects

Rather than conveying useless things or superficial matter, speak the core and main facts. Sometimes speaking many unnecessary stuff leads to create confusion in the minds of others and totally make them divert from the actual topic. And whole conversation moves from actual topic to some other fake one! Before speaks firstly frame your thoughts in your mind then deliver it.So, one need to be very clear in his topic and what stuff he needs to speak in front of audience.

1. Listen before speaking

You might have noticed many people think that they are quite good in guessing others opinion. And they start giving their further thoughts over it. And as a result of it most of the time they find their self, wrong as their perception on the speaker’s topic was totally different. It creates a big problem if so many people are watching you. Also it destroysyour previously made image in front of others.Never do this till you are 100% sure about it.

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