Top 10 Ways on How to Preserve your Friendship

Friendship for some is not easy to establish. There are some people who can easily make friends and there are those who just can’t gain friendship from anyone. It doesn’t really matter whether you have a lot of friends or not, what matters most is the sincerity and kind of friendship you have with someone. This kind of friendship must be well preserved, but how do you do it? Let me show you the top 10 ways on how to preserve your friendship.

Top 10 Ways on How to Preserve your Friendship

1.       Communicate As Much As Possible

Just like in any kind of relationship, may it be in your family relationship, your lover relationship, your working relationship and friendship, communication is a must. That is why few good friends drifted apart from each other because of the lack in communication especially when things got busy and you haven’t updated each other. So the number one rule is to communicate as much as possible.

2.       Be Honest with Each Other

Just as they say, honesty is indeed the best policy. If you want to preserve your friendship, you must practice being honest with each other. A little white lie could ruin your years of friendship. So bear in mind that it is better to tell the truth than hide something which later on will still be discovered by your friend.

3.       Trust One Another

Trust is one big factor for a friendship to grow for many years to come. With trust, each of you is guaranteed that no matter what happens you guys will remain friends forever. Once trust is given, make sure not to ruin it or your friendship will never be the same as before. So learn to trust each other always.

4.       Never Blame One Another

Blaming is a big NO in any relationship and same goes in friendship. If you have the tendency to blame other people, you may lose your friends in the long run. If you want to preserve your friendship, try not to blame but rather talk things through and explain things in a polite and sincere manner. Blaming a friend is not healthy.

5.       Learn How to Acknowledge and Appreciate

Friends are there not just in times of down moments but also in times of happy events. So if your friend has something to celebrate about, make sure you know how to acknowledge and appreciate what she has achieved or gone through. A small acknowledgement just like “Wow that’s great, I’m happy for you” is a big factor in a friendship. It only shows that as a friend, you are there to support your friend and be happy for her.

6.       Set Boundaries

One main reason why some friendship doesn’t last is because of friends tend to step on each other’s shoe. Therefore it is a must to set boundaries with one another, what is allowed and what’s not allowed. This way, both of you will learn how to respect ones boundaries.

7.       Know How to Listen Effectively

Listening just like in psychology is very important. When your friend talks, make sure you listen. A good communication must be 2 way and not just one way. If your close friend is telling you something, listen and speak after she’s done and vice versa. Listening enhances good communication which in return preserves relationship.

8.       Be Sensitive

Being sensitive is another way to preserve friendship. When a friend is down or is currently suffering from something, be sensitive enough to understand what she is going through. Put yourself in her shoe and see how it feels. Good friends are sensitive to each other’s needs.

9.       Be Willing to Work Things Out

Preserving a friendship is not just telling each other “yes, we will be friends forever”. To preserve your friendship effectively, you guys must put in mind that you must be willing to work everything out despite the distance, the busy schedule, the kids (if you are both mothers), and a lot more. It takes an effort to preserve a friendship.

10.   Be there in Times of Need

They say a good friend is someone who is there most of the time especially during dark and lonely moments. If you want to preserve your friendship, you must not be there only during happy times but also during your friends’ saddest time. One good example is a death in the family, being with your friend at this time is highly crucial. This could even strengthen your friendship.

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