Top 10 Things To Be Remembered While Planning A Wedding

10. Planning The Right Wedding Dress


A wedding is a very special occasion. Even if it is a simple wedding, everybody prefers to wear a special or unique dress that makes them look special for the special day. Every bride loves to be the most beautiful woman that day, and chooses to wear the best designed dress. Grooms too choose to be at their best. Hence planning for the right wedding dress beforehand is very essential.

9. Decorations And Flowers


Without the right decorations or the flowers, a marriage is not made special. Hence care must be taken to choose the right decorators and also make sure that you choose the perfect flowers that suit the occasion and give the venue a grand look. Simple flower arrangements can make a venue more attractive, and it does not cost you too much.

8. Choose The Right Caterers And The Best Food


Arrangements for food have to be perfect in a wedding. To give your guests the best food is the dream of every bride and groom. People who come to bless you at the special day have to be treated well with delicious delicacies that can make your special day a day to be remembered. So care should be made to choose the best caterers of your neighborhood

7. Choosing Photographers And Videographers


Making your wedding fresh in your minds forever, is made possible when you decide to take wonderful snaps and videos of the wedding day. Looking into your wedding album must remind you of the wonderful day for a long time. Hence you must take care to choose the best photographers and Videographers of your neighborhood to make the moments long lasting.

6. Entertainment For Guests


A wedding is a special occasion of the bride and the groom. But it is also a special occasion of celebration for the guests who have come to attend the wedding. Hence choosing the rocking DJ of your neighborhood can add more color to the special day. Dance and music can make your wedding a big blast.

5. Officiate For Wedding


When you plan a wedding date, it is extremely important to choose an officiate for wedding, if you are planning for a traditional wedding, you must make an appointment with the wedding officiant often a priest and make sure whether he will be available for the day.

4. Venue


Venue of wedding is yet another important factor in a wedding. The venue must be decorated beautiful enough to suit the special day. Choosing a venue in your neighborhood can be convenient for you and your family members to reach the place. On the other hand, you will be able to save a lot of money too.

3. Preparing The Guest List And Sending Invitations


Preparing the guest list is very important in a wedding. The list has to be prepared right after the marriage date is fixed. Choosing the invitation card too counts a lot. To make your wedding to be remembered by all, starting from the scrap would help a lot. If you choose a theme wedding, then make sure that your invitation card gives the guests a clue of the theme. This will help the guests to dress as per the theme. This would add more color to the wedding.

2. Budget


A wedding is an expensive affair, and it would take a majority of your earnings. So when you plan a wedding, make sure you cut short the unnecessary expenses.

1. Honeymoon


The wedding is always accompanied by a honeymoon trip. Make sure you choose the best place that will not cost you much. Choose places that can delight both the partners and give you romantic moments together, and make sure you do not choose the regular tourist spots where you find regular tourists.

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