Top 10 Spring Cleaning Techniques

Spring should be a new beginning that every household should start out on a new slate. Here are easy to follow top ten tips on how to start your spring cleaning.

10. De-cluttering your household and donating to charity

Basically, you should start your cleaning by de-cluttering, sorting and organizing your closet, furniture and books. If you donate some of those items that you don’t need any more they’ll find a new lifestyle somewhere else. Once the clutter is out of your way, you can now start your spring cleaning.

9. Pack away the winter clothes

You should wash your winter clothing and store them in breathable cotton bags and place them on top of cupboards or wardrobes. Meaning, you should avoid those plastic bags that attract dust and condensation. Unpaired pantyhose and cinnamon sticks are good options as compared to moth balls.

Cleaning Techniques

8. Cleaning your oven

Although this is one of the things that most people hate doing, your oven needs to be cleaned after going through all those winter roasts. Besides, the old oven cleaning techniques, you should try using a mixture of bicarb soda and water. You can spread the paste in the oven and leave it overnight. You will achieve amazing results when you wipe the paste off the following morning.

7. Cleaning the fridge

When cleaning the kitchen you should start by cleaning the cupboards and the fridge. Use a toothbrush and vinegar in reaching all the crooks and crannies of your fridge. You should also make sure that you discard all items that are past their expiry dates. A vacuum cleaner with a hose will help you in removing the lint in the condenser of your refrigerator coils so as to avoid overheating. Deodorize and remove the nasty smells from your refrigerator.

6. Preparing the air conditioning unit

Go over the unit with the brush attached to your vacuum, when vacuum cleaning the unit. You should also wash the filter and dry it before reinstalling it back.

5. Freshening the curtains and pillows

You can only avoid allergens and dust mites by freshening up your curtains, rags, carpets and even pillows. This will also help prolong their lifespan and keep them looking as good as new. You ought to release the pleats because they trap a lot of dust. You can use wool wash or Euco fresh in spring cleaning your pillows for perfect results. Dry them properly before putting them back.

4. Cleaning your blinds

Use a dump sponge in wiping your wooden blinds. You can also use non-corrosive cleaners in wiping your Aluminum blinds on slanting surfaces. Dry them thoroughly to avoid rusting before putting them back.

3. Getting rid of dust

You should use the force of gravity in spring cleaning your rooms from top to bottom. You can unscrew your bulbs and use a microfiber cloth in wiping them. You should start your cleaning from walls to skirting boards and flooring in that order. While you are at it, you should also check your smoke alarms too.

2. Washing the windows

Since you need that natural light flooding your living room through the windows, you have to clean the windows late in the day when the sun rays are not striking the glass hard. This is very important because the strong sunlight will cause streaking on your glass due to quick drying. Moreover, squeegees are more preferable to using cloth or paper towel. In other words, you ought to be careful to avoid damaging your glass as you clean for spring.

1. Steam cleaning the carpets, lounges and rugs

Upholstery and carpets can accumulate dirt, bacteria or even dust during the winter season. Hence, if they are not cleaned adequately in preparation for the spring months, they might end up being unhygienic and unsightly.

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