Top 10 Reasons why you should Never Speak Lie

Honesty is the best policy- everybody might have heard this citation at least once in life. Although truth might hurt someone a lot but in a long term it’s the finest path that could be chosen. One just need to be intelligent and smart to say the truth in a way it does not hurt anybody’s feeling. There are certain lies called as white lies which are pivotal and allowable. But lies which can make people take in the wrong direction or which keep them under wrong impression. Everybody lies in life. But it’s sometime difficult to speak the truth.

But whatever the reason speaking lie always have some disadvantages. Here are the top ten reasons why one should avoid lying:

10) Can affect the health:

People who lie feel the guilt and keep the secrets which are not very pleasant and can cause health complications.  In unusual condition one occasion of altering the truth can give you a stroke. It can also cause congestive heart failure or coronary artery disease.

9) Your life will be stressful:

As explained above speaking lie can affect the health. In starting lying releases hormones of stress. They are similar to the ones released when we fight with someone. Increase in this type of hormone causes problems such as increase in heart rate. It can also cause increase in breathing. Along with this heart pressure increases when lying. All these problems along with the diseases which can be caused due to lying make the life stressful. Also an unhealthy man is more stressed than the healthier one. So avoiding lies can do both the things that is it will make you healthier and also happier.

8) No one to share:

A liar never trusts anyone else except himself. The liar always faces the punishment that he is neither believed by someone nor does he believe anyone. We have the tendency of sharing with the person whom we are emotionally attached to and whom can we trust. But trusts feeling with liars are very rare. So they do not have anyone to share the feelings neither do anyone share their feelings with them. Knowing how self-righteous and  proud one will feel when he finally wrap the arms around the truth is another very big reason to never lie.

7) Liars become habitual of lying:

According to a journal (Consciousness and Cognition) published in 2010 “Frequent lie makes lying easier and frequent truth makes lying more difficult” or we can say that “we reap what we sow”. It can be explained in a way that the more we lie more we get prone to lying and one also finds it easier to lie. In general also we find things easier when we repeatedly do them. Similarly we will eventually find lying easier and delightful than saying he truth.

6) Need to remember a lot:

When one lies they have to remember who they bluffed, when they did and what was the lie about. You will always find Lying burdensome and heavy if you are not a sociopath. The burden is about the discovery of the truth, revenge and swarm of negative outcomes which could possibly occur. By the time you start predicting what you might have done and then start to adjust to your plan, fear and terror may become virulent.

5) No feeling of accomplishment:

It has been found that the probability of failing of liars is slightly greater than the one who speaks the truth.  Even if one succeeds with a lie, he will always be deprived and depressed with the feeling of accomplishment. Triumph originated with a lie is filled with boredom, guilt and self contempt. The hollow victory does nothing to increase self esteem rather it undermines the self image since the success included depriving others with a impartial shot and not with a bluff.

4) People won’t rely on you:

The disadvantage of not speaking the truth is that in long run of life your partner, companions, friends and the people you live around with will not believe you and trust you.  Eventually when people get to know that you lied they leave you. So to warn you liars you will have to live a lonely life with no one around to trust you.

3) Reduces self-respect:

When the person finds that you lied to him he will never believe you again even if you tell him the truth next time. People have big mouth and the lie you said to a single person will never remain to that person and after knowing the truth people will ill talk about you which will reduce your self-respect.

2) Lies can mislead:

Misleading is when someone does not completely lie, but still hold someone to believe in the untruth. People might have baked a dish in their thoughts from the lies you said which can be heartbroken if truth comes out. Under certain circumstances a misleading statement can lead to social and legal sanction. It can also be considered to be a part of any sort of conspiracy.

1)Breaks relationships:

When someone lies in a relationship he/she destroys it.  Lying is a counter communication that awfully erodes the foundation of the relationship. It’s the bomb that eventually destroys the relationship. Dishonesty might seem like a protective device to the person whom they are lying to but in reality they are protecting themselves. There is no relationship or love without trust. This is the base of any relationship.


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