Top 10 Reasons why you should Never Loose Hope

Hope is the emotional feeling of strength that makes us to realize the truth and believe in oneself.  It makes one to stand against all problem and sorrow in his life. It is the remedy to all problem which makes us deemed in life and feel inferior. It is way to cherish and enjoy our life in enjoyment and love. Hope was first seen in the history in story of Zeus and Prometheus and has its divine scope. Prometheus stole the fire from Zeus and made the gods to  get in fear. Then Zeus packed all the evils in a box and even after being warned, Pandora opened the box which unreleased all evils in the world. Although, there was a thing left in the box and this was called the Hope.  Hope is like a boat for a drowning person is the midst of an Ocean. Hope is the ultimate desire and the best feeling for success and to recreate the same sensation once one used to be in. Here for the following section of article, The top ten reason for not loosing hope has been described briefly. The ten reasons are as followed :-


10.) Whatever Happens is for Good

Whenever, we feel depressed and shattered, it is the best thing to think that whatever happens is in course of some reasons and this has happened for something good. Although, the tide of time is not in our favor and everything seems wrong, but then on we should not loose hope just because, the impact of such things might not be momentary and easy to come, and may be they are for some future aspects. So the reason number 10 to not loose hope is the belief in happening things in a right way for whatever happens is for good.


9.) Freedom from Greatest Enemy

Hope is the ultimate thing to possess in life. It makes us free from the ultimate fear of doing wrong. If we believe in ourselves, it generates a new energy in our body to fight against all fears and makes us to realize that we can do it and it will be done.



It is believed that hope is the ultimate possession that god has given us. It means, we are loved the most by him. For an instance, the ancient Greek had a belief that gods had showered affection and love to those only who have faith in themselves. So faith and hope must not be lost anytime. We are given with a heart which always possesses a faith for righteousness of god to us. The god’s love is in real in the form of the hope that we have.


7.) You are not Alone

If someone is loosing hope, nothing is standing with him although, he has lost hope. With hope, comes a genuine feeling of strength and it states that yes, a energy is standing with you to handle you well and to make you free from all burdens and problems. It simply means resurrection meaning “Standing Up”.


6.) Freedom From Sorrow/Problem

Our problems arise because of our misunderstanding and misconceptions about our own belied. So, once there is a flow of hope, the almighty himself comes in you to stand beside you to make you release from all agony, pain and problems and changes the sorrows in to the joy.


5.) Freedom from utmost and deadliest fear

Once we have the hope of not being alone, and that almighty is always with us, we are free from all fears. The doubt which had caused the fear in us is demolished completely and we can feel rejonuvated once again with charm and happiness free from gloom and fear. The doubt is in fact is deleted because of our belief in god. The hope is ultimate survival of everything.


4.) Destruction of Doubt

Once the hope is generated, the doubt is automatically destroyed. Once there is hope, we focus on to the roots of doubt and once we know the roots, we try to destroy it. In simple and logical way, hope gives a way to rethink in a very strong way with some new feeling of life.Once we believe in ourselves, the doubt gets vanished and hope overcomes at the last.


3.) Future is not a Failure ( Golden Future Awaited)

In fact once and all the doubt is demolished, we can feel a new future ahead for ourselves with a fesh start. It states that without pain and loss, there is no hope, so we must not lose hope at all anytime. Once we resurrect and believe, we find that success is the fruit of hope only and can be obtained in this way. At the end we come to the single conclusion that hope never fails. It is our desire to live further with a confidence.


2.) Purpose Restoration

Once we are free from all sorrow, pain, problems, we realize that the purpose of our hope is done. That is the fear in us was over and we can feel that the thing for which we were trying for is not obtained. Simply, success is in your hands with hope. Hope never demands to quit the game. It only says to put in your the best.


1.) You are the most important one to yourself.

Love yourself because you do everything to make you comfortable and happy. The hope is basicity of all happiness and hope is our necessity because we are the most important one to ourselves. Love yourself and live yourself and be happy. This is the way, hope helps us in the mid of any problem. One must lose hope, because once hope is lost, everything is vanished.


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