Top 10 Reasons why you must have a Baby

It is a part of everyone’s life…to get married… a step in life which all of us take and enjoy..!!! a partner for the rest of your life..!!! people say what completes a marriage is the birth of a child.. your child!!! he is not simply just any member of the family..!!! a child is more like a family’s own celebrity..!!! uncountable joys and dreams are associated with that tiny new born soul…and each parent will agree that parenthood is the best thing to happen to them..!! if you wondering whether or not you should plan for a family , whether or not you will be able to fulfill it..let me help you out.!! here are top 10 reasons why you must have a baby

10. ” Tradition and custom. “

well , we belong to the Indian society.  in our country having a family is more like a noble task..!! even our holy gods had a family.. they too promoted and cherished parenthood..!!! for most of us having a family is as good as another tradition,..!!! a tradition which is fulfilled in its best virtue.!!! be it Diwali be it Eid…each fest brings with it numerous joys..!!! trust me.. having a child is no less than a fest..!!! it brings to you all the goodness any fest can…and the best part .. it stays forever..!!!!

9.  ” A child is your future..”

in today’s world..we all think a lot about our future…!! you might have taken for yourself the best insurance policy.. . awesome pension returns.. etc etc!!!  yes it can be said that when it comes to security we all think about securing our lives financially…!! well that is important but ask yourself is money the only thing that is required in your life.. is money all you need when you will grow old..???  when you can no longer walk alone..when you cant take care of your self..!! will your policy satisfy your emotional needs???? the answer is a big no!!! only family does that..!! your family which has your partner and your kids..!! your children will hold you when you can no longer walk.. they will take care of you when you not in the best of  the spirit..!! your child is your best investment and the only premium  you pay is love..!!!


8. ” A child makes you love yourself..”

i have seen women grumbling on how they look…!! why cant they be slim.. why cant they look like so and so person..!!!  guys do the same..we all think we are not perfect , we all thnk we lack some thing..!!  i have read books.. numerous stories written by ladies on how the arrival of their child made them fall in love with themselves.!! you will do the same..!! the body now which you think is in no shape the body now which you think is not will fall in love with it..!! that extra weight will not bother you because it was your body that created that beautiful baby you hold in your arms..!! his eyes will look only for will be only you who willl know what exactly your baby wants..your child will always make you feel like  a queen..!! your child will make you love yourself way more than you have ever done.!!!

7. ” Relive your childhood.”

oh how we miss those days.. when we were kids..!! those shopping days with parents..buying school uniform water bottle shoes..!! gifts on festivals..!! playing at home with dad .!! going out etc etc..!!ever wondered why your parents were always there?? they were reliving their childhood with you .  all the fun which they missed over the years they had it with you.!!! don’t believe me then ask them yourself.!! with your kids you will have a just perfect reason to be the child again..!! with the child you will relive your childhood again..and there is nothing better than the childhood days..right ???


6. “This is the perfect time to have a baby.”

i know a lot of planning goes into deciding whether you should have a baby or not..!!! need to check the finances need to settle the career etc etc..!! tell me one can you assure that one year latter there will be no financial crisis..!! how can you be sure that you will at the peek of your career..?? i must remind you one very important thing..whats most important to have a child is health..!! today you are young at the best of your health in the best spirits to take and fulfill responsibilities..!! what else do you need to have your baby.???  give yourself a reality check.. may be you already have everything that is required to have a baby and also to give him a good life..!!!


5. “a child makes you healthy.”

i know women always face this labor they go through a lot of physical complications but my ladies it is all temporary.!!!! with proper medical and dietary help this problem does not stay long..!!! let me tell you getting pregnant and giving birth has a lot of hidden benefits which are now being explored by the scientists..!!! it is established that women post labor do not get the menses pain which they use to get before..!! giving birth also reduced the chances of cervical and and ovarian cancer in women…!!! and women who feed their children showed better resistance to breast cancer..!!! isn’t it just wonderful… your child brings with it a basket of health for you..!!!


4. “For the joy of parenthood”

all the parent magazines.. all those women speaking .. have repeatedly said there is no sight better than watching your baby sleep..!!! each parent remembers the first time their child walked.. talked…the first word it spoke..etc..!!! each father takes pride in playing cricket with his son…how amazed the father is when the child hits a four..!! the joy a father gets when he gets his daughter a doll..!!! there is nothing like parenthood at all..!!! a married couple is missing a lot on life if not yet enjoying parenthood..!!!


3. ” For your parents.”

there is nothing more precious than a grand child for your parents..!! those hands which are now old wish nothing more than the privileged to play with their grandchild..!!! in those eyes you will see a hundred dreams which they have for your children.!! you thinking whether or not you should have a child i bet your parents already have decided on the names of their grand children..!!! for the love of your parents and with the fact that they have brought you up wonderfully…i think its the time to have your child and be the parent and make them grandparents..!!


2. ” a child gives you endless love..”

for your child you are the world..!!! it only sees his parents..!!! the moment he opens his eyes till he is done for the day.. he only wants his parents..!! his every expression, every gesture every demand every activity is dedicated to his parents..!! he will make you smile when you feeling low…he will talk and listen to you all that you want..!!! your child will make you feel that you are the most special person in this world..!!! in his innocence he will bless with you endless love..!!!


1. ” To make your relation stronger”

a child is the bridge that connects the parents together..!!! parents have agreed that their child not only made them feel special about themselves but also about their partner..!!! a man loved his wife even more in spite of her putting on weight or looking not so good just for the fact that she has given him the gift of being a father..!! a women loved and cared for her husband even more with all his efforts he was showing in the family..!! couples having kids in the early phase of marriage resulted in stronger relations and happier marriages .!! if you seek a long and happy marriage a long fruitful life with your partner then you surely must have a bay..which is the origin of your unison..!!


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