Top 10 Reasons Why Women Cheat

Studies show that men cheat more than women. This article does not condone this action by either of the two parties but simply lists the reasons why women might want to go elsewhere.


10. Not enough sex

You probably remember the first few days of the relationship when the two of you could stay up all night and cuddle. Before you knew it, you both started to have responsibilities and you suddenly found out that sleep was more important than sex. If you are not satisfying her, she might look to go elsewhere to find that spark.

9. Being the bad girl

Just like men want to show off their manliness to the world, some women too have an inner sex kitten who is just waiting to be woken up from its sleep. The weird behavior usually shows up after in the middle of a major incident like a new job or a mid-life crisis. Just keep the communication open and talk to each other and you should be fine.

8. Self-esteem

Every human being has a certain amount of self-esteem that they would like to hold on. You can keep your wife or girlfriend from straying if you give out compliments where they are due.

7. Payback or revenge for past wrongs

You did not necessarily cheat, but you might have done something else that you should not have and your significant other found out about it. For example, you drained your retirement fund in Vegas or maybe you lied to her. She will look for ways to get back to you.

6. Lack of intimacy

Intimacy does not mean just sex. Talking about how your day went, cuddling, kissing and touching is all counted as intimacy and should not be stopped at any point during the relationship.

5. Feeling neglected or ignored

Women have to do a lot of jobs in the house. She acts as the housekeeper, grocery shopper and babysitter among others. If the credit that she deserves is not given, she might look to other places for appreciation.

4. Your emotional withdrawal

Women are, by nature, not only physically but also mentally weaker than men. Once you start spending time away from her, she automatically sees that as a sign of an imminent breakup and looks for other places to secure herself.


3. Bedroom boredom

You both are tired from the same type of sex day in and day out. It gets boring after a certain point and you might want to add a bit of spice to it (not physically!). Read the Kama Sutra and have a go again. See if it makes any difference.

2. Exit strategy

She has had enough of you and instead of talking about it to you she cheats on you so that you become to one to do the dumping. This is another reason why communication is important.

1.Revenge for your cheating

She believes in the philosophy “eye for an eye”. You cheated first and in order to make things even again and, the way she sees it, back to normal, she has to cheat on you.

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