Top 10 Reasons why One Language for Complete World is better

The busy world forces us to face different people from different race and ground. But language diversities make it complex. Competing in a global economy then becomes tough. So if a particular language is made ‘universal’, there will not be any such kind of difficulties in any sector of life.


It is difficult to get familiar to those with different native languages. The language we speak actually plays a very big role in deciding the age of any relation. If we lack the ability to communicate in the required language, it is hard to understand all the aspects of the opposite person which is sometimes frustrating. The use of universal language helps to increase the number of links on the globe plus lifelong cultural relations. Native language communication establishes strong relations because it is not only about the relation with the person but also with the heritage and history they represent.



It is quite natural that we feel very much comfortable in communicating with those natives who very well can talk and understand our mother tongue. While talking to other people who speak different language somehow develops bridge of Uneasy emotions. The diversity of language creates confusion and misunderstanding. But if it is possible for the whole world to be fluent in one language, a completely changed and united world will come into existence. Each one will then be able to understand the interpretations and integrity of other person and as a result the feeling brotherhood will prevail all around.


Computer or say internet has now become the friend, philosopher and guide of almost every person no matter of which sector. And why not! The software’s which have been used provide all sorts of facilities to mankind. No matter whether it is about exchange of information, business deals, getting knowledge regarding any field, etc. Google Search Engine, Facebook, GTalk are some of those software. But the use of various languages also affects their development time and efforts so as to make it comfortable for everyone. If this problem is eliminated or if one language is accepted all over, we may enjoy faster forward-looking developments.


Travelling all over one’s own country or around the world is not a big deal viewing today’s era. Everyone can travel different places easily without any knowledge of the native language of that particular place but he will enjoy more if he is able to shape his experience beyond the surface of that culture. If a single language is spoken everywhere it becomes easy to navigate all sorts of situations. One feels quite comfortable in restaurants, malls, in talking with different people of that place to understand directions, dealers and many more. A satisfied and deeper travel experience will then help you to explore real country.


Any successful organization requires superb customer support in all forms. If it is able to understand the demands of customers and communicate with them in a better way, great height in the profitable market can be achieved. These types of associations will be able to expand its market by liaising with its environment. All this is possible only if a universal language is spoken everywhere. It will lead to endorse free or liberal trade including the outgrowth of workforce movement. As a result of the well-established customer satisfaction the growth in business and international trading is absolutely tremendous.


Each and every one is fond of books, music and movies. But they have to constraint their interest due to language compatibilities. This narrows the scope of international stuffs. Even the willing people could not promote the extra ordinary international excellence because they don’t prefer and have time for learning different languages for different fields of interest. The language problem is the biggest drawback for less awareness of foreign literature and music. One language for whole world can solve this problem and can provide a long path for the exposure of healthy, descent and worthy international packages.


Generally big industries or companies demand of multilingual skilled employees so that the international deals or projects of the company move on in an efficient and easy manner. 80 percent of the highly qualified and skilled employees lose their jobs due to the lack of above demanded expertise. Travel industry, education field, advertising, research gear and many other service sectors are somehow affected in one or the manner. The use of one language however avoids language competencies and increase employment opportunities as a result of which is high rate of employment all over the world.


Almost all countries have their own unique culture and every culture is interesting in its own respect. Many people wish to enjoy and live different cultures and understand the moral values related to them. But the use of different languages in various parts makes the task quite complex. More specifically, one must learn a particular language to enjoy the culture of that area. But if the complete world uses simple single language, it will be easy for every man to develop intercultural sensitivity and recognize the ethics of culture. And the paramount understanding of culture enables to bridge gap between cultures which in turn offers growth of international diplomacy.


Commonly students despite of having good knowledge and great potential do not go for foreign studies due to the language problem. They often shy and misguide themselves believing their inadequate skills of that particular language will suffer their grades. And it is mandatory for every child to not to underestimate himself and work hard while studying so far away from the family in order to achieve the set goal. The feeling of undervaluing ourselves can be removed if one is vocalized in all parts of the world so that students might fearlessly think and plan of higher education at abroad. This also eliminates load of compulsorily learning the other languages prior to abroad studies.


Socialism is a key element of each and everyone’s life in the present modern world. It is easy to communicate with a person who knows or speaks our native language than the one who could not understand us. There are more than thousands of languages spoken all over the world and the conversation in two different languages generally causes misunderstanding. In addition to it, the rate of translation error also increases. So if a single common language is used by everyone, it becomes easy to express ourselves in a very clear way along with understanding the other person in a proper manner.

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