Top 10 Reasons why Dancer can be Perfect Life Partner

Dancing seems to be mesmerising many times. If the dancer doesn’t have an attractive look but he dances quite well then there are chances for him to impress people easily. Dancing is a combination of many forms and the stunts and incredible moves. Dating someone who is a dancer will take you in a different kind of relationship. If you have a partner who dances well then there are several other positive factors which can make your relation more swift and healthy so here we have top 10 reasons to date a dancer

10. Flexibility

Flexibility is the thing which turns out to be the great trait in dancer. Flexibility is an incredible trait in two ways-mental and physical. Mentally its brings out the flexibility in the tapestry process when there is a case of consequent issues and helps in removing of the rigidness around.   While in case of physical terms we know that the people who use to dance so much are quite supple as they keep stretching themselves out to perform many moves. So these people are said to be quite well in bed as they can stretch themselves and makes the process more fun loving.

9. Strong

Dancers are known for their lifts and rotation. Because of their well maintained body they seem to be delicate and fragile rather than strong. But you may be amazed to know that they are much more strong then the people who have a strong looking physique. Since they are highly skilled of thing like lifting and whipping so they tend to be brawnier. Their bodies are combat and they will always be able to protect you with an amusing momentum. They can also be compared with secret weapon as one cannot even assume their capability by just looking at them.

8. They are not lethargic

These people are quite hardworking when it comes to give output. They believe in work-out and don’t get tired of doing it. They have a challenging body and so they are afraid of challenges. They are quite swift and fast in their routine since they are not lazy at all.

7. Stamina

They have a great stamina and do not really get tired of doing work for a long term of time. They hardly sit ideal as they always keeps themselves busy in some or the other thing. They do not need much of the time to rest and so they do not take intervals. They complete their entire task more excitingly and energetically. Even after a small intervention they get back to the work with same energy and enthusiasm.

6. They can straddle

Multitasking today is so important just to manage your daily tasks. we have so much of things to manage with like relationships, hobbies, our goals and family time. So in this hectic schedule people need to be multitasking. Multitasking is something which makes us to do many things at a single time and this is the trait which is very much present in dancers. And if your partner is a dancer then you would not need to manage anything as he will do it for you.

5. Compromises

During the course of dancing or competition related to dancing they even get to compromise with their under-garments, as it may happen sometimes that the costume they wear demands to discard their underwear. They compromise for the sake of rules and also for the team’s dignity. They make small negotiations here like sacrificing their under wear which in terms become handy in case of their relationships.

4. Comfortable in sexy clothing

Dancers are very frequent in performing specific moves and lifts like running, crunching and push-ups which becomes cannot be performed while wearing baggy and covered clothes. Since it becomes very hectic to manage with both baggy clothes and dance moves. So in order to manage with all moves they prefer to wear short and fitted clothes which not only helps them is dancing properly but also makes them look sexy and seducing. So if you have a dancer as a partner then you would not have to do any effort to make him look sexy as they will always appear sexy to you.

3. Experienced

These people are very experienced as they learn from their mistakes.  Dancer while dancing get to make many mistake like incorrect landing and jerks by stretching incorrectly which can result in bruises on their knees or legs and it doesn’t happen always that they succeed in every move they perform. Many times they get themselves injured while performing moves and these injuries makes them experienced about every situation and so they can handle in any circumstances not just related to dancing but also in their personal life relationships. So if your partner is a dancer then you don’t have to worry about handling typical situations as your partner will handle it perfectly

2.  Entertaining

If your partner is a dancer then it is a fact for sure that you won’t ever get bored with him. The people who dance have lots of strategies to entertain their viewers and sane is the thing with their relationships. They dance or will perform any stunt or it may just be a romantic dance to entertain you. They have technique with which they can easily entertain and this quality in them will never lead your relation to a boring track. Your relation will always remain evergreen and entertaining.

1. Diligent

Dancing teaches many things to a person. Dances include many forms, positions and their conversion which makes the dancer more knowledgeable and confident. They can take uncountable challenges at any point. They study a lot to learn forms of dances their conversion and also their expansion. They have so many positions are they are required to memorise all of them if French forms. They study ballet manual which they are required to replicate later in their performances. This constant learning gives them a regular their brain a regular exercise each day. And because of this exercise they know how to handle all the tasks entirely is the diligent manner.


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